Started around 10am and it was a moist, quiet foggy trip up the trail. We rock hopped across the stream in bare boots and put on the snowshoes on the other side. The snow was a bit thin at the lower elevations and completely missing where water runs in or across the trail. Further up conditions were better and as we reached the 3500 elevation signs the snow was quite deep and comfortable in snowshoes as the previous nightís rain and higher temperatures didnít seem enough to wash it away.

We followed a pair of hikers up, also in snowshoes, who continued towards Cornell and Wittenberg. We encountered a pair of backpackers coming from Cornell and then another solo backpacker also arriving from Cornell while we were lunching at the summit. The backpackers were without snowshoes and remarked at their surprise at the snow depth along their journey.

On the way down we passed two solo hikers making their way up in spikes. All in all the trail was in good shape with a decent ratio between flat-foots and boots. On the summit we were completely fogged in but it was clearing on the way down, so the later hikers probably had a nice view when they reached the top.