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Panther Traverse 11-17-2018

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  • Panther Traverse 11-17-2018

    Great day for a snowshoe hike. We started at the hairpin turn using our snowshoes right from the beginning. The snow covered the rocks, so we could, and we knew it would get a lot deeper, which it did, so it made sense. Several barebooters had preceded us, so we followed a broken trail in the negative sense of "broken". Before the climb to Giant Ledge we passed 2 barebooters and at the first overlook there we passed the other. From there on it was virgin snow. Views were great all day even though the sun didn't really come out. There was sun on distant patches of snowy forest which made the pictures awesome. So 4 of us broke trail to Panther. The col had drifted deep snow and then the ascent was difficult. Needed to push down the snow, get some footing and then do it again. Didn't feel so bad with 4 though. Scrambles were rough when snow scraped off and footholds were difficult in snowshoes.

    Just after passing the summit, we ran into a group of 11 from HVH, so the descent to Fox Hollow was broken out (this time, mostly by snowshoes, but occasionally a deep posthole from one of the 2 or 3 hikers that didn't have snowshoes. Some glissades were fun and others ended in a roll in the snow but it was like a snow day off school.

    I love the 2 minor peaks. The second has simultaneous views on both sides of the ridge and a look back at Panther which was awesome today. After that it gets kind of boring, but we stopped at the new lean-to. Great job, the logs all fit nice and tight as does the roof. Nice clean construction.

    After that, the trail was mostly leaves and rocks with snow on either sides. Tried to keep in the snow off the trail but scraped stones at times. Wore snowshoes from trailhead to trailhead.

    I have a great picture that gives me error messages when I try to upload it, but I'll keep trying...