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WHP and the found phone

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  • WHP and the found phone

    As we were coming down WHP this morning, there were a ton of hikers going up. About 0.1 miles before you enter the 1st of the two pine plantations (1st as you come down, and about 0.75 miles up the trail from the intersection of the elm ridge trail and the escarpment trail), we found an iPhone in an orange case in the leafs. The phone was fully charged, so we assumed that it was dropped by one of the hikers we saw earlier. We left the phone in a plastic ziplock propped against the tree that should be fairly well visible to whoever was coming down. We alerted a few hikers we saw later on to spread the word, so hopefully the phone was retrieved. If not, hopefully it could be found! We decided that leaving it on the trail was the best option as we had no way of knowing from which trail head the owner of the phone had come from and obviously, not everyone signs in at the register.

    The trails were a bit wet coming from the elm ridge trail head and a bit muddy at the higher elevation, but that was before the rain came down as we were driving away!
    46/46 as of August 1st, 2014!