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Rocky and Lone 10-13-2018

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  • Rocky and Lone 10-13-2018

    First Snow of the season on Rocky!

    Wet start. Hobblebush sure holds the water and leaves it on your hiking pants. Was pretty wet all day. Went out Fishermans Path until we couldn't follow the river anymore. The crossing didn't look good, heck, we got wet at Donovans, so we went up the hill, came down too soon, went up again and back down. That was the low point of the hike. I suppose we could have crossed the Neversink in our boots, we were pretty wet anyway.

    Started raining again when we were about 300 ft below Rocky and then we saw clumps of snow here and there. One large rock had snow all over it so that from a distance it looked like a pile of aluminum siding lost in the woods. Great new viewpoint at Rocky and someone made a new herd path to it so it's more accessible than last time. Sort of a surreal view with a very few places lit up by sun.

    Got more of a soaking from the hobblebush between the two mountains. Had another surreal view from the viewpoint on Lone. Returning to Fishermans Path, the sun came out a little and then some more. The bright blue sky was fantastic at the parking lot!

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    I went up West Stoppel from Colgate Lake yesterday and the wet conditions were as you describe. luckily I was in my waterproof pants but boots were saturated by the end of the hike so I was less careful about crossing Elk creek at the end which was flowing strongly with no real rock fords. Only a 1/4 mile back to the PA where dry socks and sneakers awaited.


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      As I said, the sun came out late in the day. Here is a picture taken by one of the hikers at the Neversink crossing when we were returning to the trailhead. If only the sun had come out earlier
      it would have been the best!