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B26 wrecksite, Friday MT and Balsam Cap

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  • B26 wrecksite, Friday MT and Balsam Cap

    Edit: A B25. typo

    This 'whack was everything I’d read and worse. Rockslides. Dirtslides. Blow down. All needing to be traversed on steep angles. The fresh leaves masking unstable rocks and treacherous holes. Every footstep had to be tested.

    There were some fragmentary trails. One that traversed the two summits was quite good though faint. There was one that seemed to lead back down the Friday ridge but I lost it. A couple of logging roads in places, but they didn’t lead back to the car and in the end there would be that treacherous slide descent or traverse and crossing over fallen trees on the steep terrain. Even moving around the wrecksite was difficult.

    I’d gotten there at daybreak and made it back to my car as daylight was fading. There were still 4 cars there. I’d met a group doing both summits.

    The crash site was the most complete WW2 Bomber crash I’ve seen. It was before 11 am. I found it easily, simply following the stream up to 2700. Then straight up to the Friday summit at 12:30, traversing to the Balsam Cap summit, signing both registers. In retrospect, my turnaround time of 2pm was too late for this time of year. Luckily I was able to head down at 1:30. Were I to do this again, with the short daylight hours at this time of year, I wouldn’t have done the Balsam Cap summit, saving it for in conjunction with Tabletop as two gentlemen were, I met there.

    I’d gone with two electronic gizmos leaving one on compass and one on altitude. When the gps signal packed it in, I needed to descend back to the stream I followed in, to get my bearings. Thoughout, I had difficulty visualizing successful route finding when the leaves were on the trees. I was able to locate the car by memorizing the horizon lines on both sides of the ridge when I’d started. I knew when to make the break for Moon Haw.


    Tail section

    A section of wing showing the wartime camo
    Plane had flown missions over France


    Fuselage with USAF Insignia

    The way up to Friday from the wrecksite

    First Ledge on Friday

    View of Ashokan
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    Nice report; excellent photos. I've only been to the crash site when it was covered in snow.
    Ashokan still is looking brown.


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      I've trashed the duplicate in Hiking. DSettahr, Thank You for your comment. Apologies for the erasure.

      I've also been informed, the paint is not camo but a primer used on aircraft interiors at the time. However, one of the accounts I'd read, refers to the wreck being painted in wartime camo. I'm gonna have to defer to the experts.