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    It's not often that Cape May gets a blizzard, but on Monday 12+ inches of snow fell. 12+ inches of glorious snow. Well to me, I don't think the rest of the county was too happy. Luckily, today was an off day for me. So, I put my snowshoes and cross country skis into my car and headed to the local state park. I was the only one there. It was so quiet in the woods you could hear the snow dropping off of the trees. I haven't been to the Cats or the ADKs winter hiking for a few years, so even though it was a flat lander shoe it still felt great to be out. Breaking trail in 4 miles in deep heavy snow, even though a flat trail, was still a workout. Tomorrow, the forecast is for rain. Boo.
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    We LOVE Cape May and have gone almost every summer for the past fifteen years or so. We were so surprised about the snowfall in Cape May and have been enjoying the pictures on Facebook of all the lovely Victorians decorated in snow, but figured the locals there might not be enjoying it that much! :P Glad to see at least one person did!


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      Us too. We went to the same house right on Ventnor beach for ages until one year we took a drive down Beach ave in Cape May, and started researching rentals that day. Got lucky and found one about 200ft from the beach that was open during our yearly tri-family beach week and made it our new spot. Great area for family vacations; there's lots to do even if the weather doesn't cooperate.

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    We rent a beach house in Cap May in late Aug, early Sept. every year. I absolutely love it there. I know its technically in the north east, I understand that they have winters, and yet these pictures completely blew my mind. Great post!
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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      Northeast? It's below the Mason-Dixon Line? :-P

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