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Staying Local 2020-04-19

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  • Staying Local 2020-04-19

    Well, did much walking today.

    Started the morning on the neighborhood walk.
    People go on the same route but we're never at the same time; so, facemasks not necessary. Highlight was finding Ruby Crowned Kinglets at two places.

    Before lunch it was onto the Vischer Ferry Preserve. I did a about 1/2 my normal route. Many cars parked at the two entrances - overfilled. I wasn't that early but got a normal parking place. Highlight was seeing the Kingfisher dive for lunch.

    Wrapped up the day driving north to a 1 mile canal trail south of Olde Saratoga (Schuylerville). A place I gone to several times never seeing anybody. Passed four groups. Highlight was the Heron Rookery. It was difficult counting nests due to the number and distance involved. My count 9 Herons seen in 13 nests.

    Also a Bald Eagle on a flyover at Exit 12.


    Almost everybody observing the facemask requirement when passing too close to one another. One, a boy, didn't have one but later I found a mask on the ground and I figure he'd lost his.

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    Nice sightings on the birds. Heron Rookerys can be one smelly place. There is one a half hour from here. Been there forever. Interesting Vultures have what ever they call a rookery somewhat above them on the same mtn...they are eerie up close in quantity.