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5 Mile Mountain from Deer Leap

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  • 5 Mile Mountain from Deer Leap

    I had my son with me today. The only car in the lot at 9:30. Just 3 to 5 inches of powdery virgin snow. Microspikes are suggested for safety but not required.

    For practically the whole 3.6 miles, we followed canine tracks. Some odd looking tracks intersected the trail at one point. Had snack time in the leanto both ways. On the way back from the peak ran into a ranger. He was the only person we saw the entire day. He told us the tracks were coyote and the intersecting tracks were bear. How great is that! I had no idea what the bear tracks were and I thought the canine tracks were fox.

    This trail has such a nice forest we just love it. Not the best views.

    So with everyone complaining about the not enough rangers in a park overrun with people, we hiked in solitude and ran into a ranger!

    I felt so good we added Deer Leap too. We are ready for the High Peaks now.
    Leave No Trace!