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  • Halfmoon

    We got 20 inches here. After 3 days of shoveling, I can now drive a car out of my driveway. My arms are dead. I can only shovel for about 30 minutes at a clip now. I still have half the deck to go. I am officially 'snow blower curious' now.
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    I threw my back out shoveling during Xmas break one year. Ruined the holiday break. After that I sprung for a snow thrower.


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      Buy a good one and you won't regret it.


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        we got 24" in our house in Clifton Park and it cost me $60 to hire a local guy with a plow to dig us out. well worth our time in this case. will be happy to pass on the name. usually we take care of the snow ourselves.
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        • CatskillKev
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          You got 24 inches in the house? Did you forget to shut the door? You really should try a little harder to keep the snow out of the house next time.

        • YanaLG
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          "In our yard", geez! Though when I wrote my response, I was still out of town, so who knew what was out there. But yes, I should have been more clear

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        i picked up a used yard machines snow blower last summer for $100. since picking it up i have only changed the oil and plug on it once after last winter, and have used it so many times i feel i hit the lottery every time i use it, including several hours over the last 2 days.
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