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Colorado 14er Recommendation for mid-Sept to mid-Oct

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  • Colorado 14er Recommendation for mid-Sept to mid-Oct

    Have an opportunity for a long weekend in Colorado this fall. Not quite ready to ski so looking for a rec.for a day hike. Qualifications:
    - ideally not the Cascade of CO (which Mt Bierstadt seems to be, correct me if I am mistaken)
    - 2500 to 3000 vertical ascent ideally (gotta breathe used to the ADKs)
    - 7 to 10 miles RT
    - have free lodging close to Boulder/Golden so ideally a day trip (1.5 hours each way, maybe 2 hour drive max)
    - 3 of us are recent 46er's, others are locals that hike a bit and ski, so if the answer changes based on 1) rec for a 46er and 2) rec for someone who could do the Saranac 6 for example (all), multiple responses ok
    - would access be FWD or AWD required (in non-snow conditions)
    - not asking for a friend!


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    Bierstadt, Evans, Gray and Torreys all fall into the "cascade type" but for the same reasons that you are looking for, fairly short and ele gain between 2,500 and 4,000 feet. Quandary is another peak that fits the description but is at least an hour and 45 minutes away from Boulder I think you will find this a great hike, try to get a couple days to acclimate if you can and say hello to but keep your distance from the goats.
    You probably have been here but if not this is the best resource for up to date information on the 14ers
    "Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
    Ed Viesturs


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      Thanks this is very helpful. Quandary may be the choice! Did check out the link you shared, pairing it up against comments here, as would not have known those four you mention are the Cascade type, good stuff!


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        Anyone do any Smoky Mountains hiking? Flights direct from SYR to Charlotte cheap.....could be a late fall weekend.