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  • Home Snow storm adventures!

    I assume that most of us are not heading to the Adirondacks this weekend. The bad driving and parking conditions plus the one foot of snow and the avalanche warning by the DEC would make most of us think twice. My son is just getting over a two week cold/ sinus infection which stopped us from making it to the Adirondacks this winter. We are sad about that.

    I live in Halfmoon, NY and we are expecting 2 feet here and I decided to buy a new lawn mower instead of a snow blower this year. It seemed like a great idea in the summer!

    I am blessed my son is home to help. It should be some crazy times shoveling tonight and tomorrow. I hope the lights stay on!

    I figured since we are home we could drop and few lines here on how we weather the storm at home.

    If this non-trip report is against the rules you can easily delete it. I just figured it would be fun.
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    Keep us posted on the snow out your way!
    46/46, 13/46w "I only went out for a walk, and concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." John Muir


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      A photo From another year, but I expect I will be skiing into my cabin next week to shovel the roof with a similar scene. Town of Montague on Tug Hill.

      "Leave the beaten track behind occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do you will be certain to find something you have never seen before." - Alexander Graham Bell


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        9am 1-20-19, 12" Snow in Clifton Park. Sleet coming down. 12oF. Just finished snow blowing the driveway. Gonna go for a ski around the neighborhood.


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          Same here but I shoveled mine. I might get some snow shoeing in later.

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          I skied for a bit in the neighborhood but the plow came through for a 2nd pass and ruined it.

          Then went into Vischer Ferry Preserve and skied for 2 hours. Well walked on skies. I couldn't get a good glide even by going back over my tracks. Not sure of the distance. Started at the Whipple Bridge, went direct to the Mohawk, went east on the edge of the River, left the River and cut back toward River Road, then went down the tow path to across from Clutes Drydock, turned and made my way back. One guy I met made a loop over some of the same ground. He said it was two miles for him.

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        At least a foot now at noon here in Keene, and it's still snowing hard. And 1 degree F at noon here, which makes the snowfall rate quite surprising.


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          Between 9 and 12 we got some freezing rain or something. I went out to shovel an got a heavy surprise. Glad I shoveled the bulk of it early.
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          Mohawk River near Vischer's Ferry


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            I would say my house had a foot and a half of snow. I shoveled on and off all day. Thank God my son woke up and helped me with that nasty bit at the end of the drive. A cold wind out of the north made the last hour a bit chilly.
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              Yes we also finished with about a foot and a half here in Keene. That cold wind is coming from here. It's -6F right now and dropping...


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                I like this idea... Wish I noticed it a few days ago.
                We ended up with 18-24" in the Burgh & have some drifts well over 3'.

                I ended up partying Friday night & work was cancelled for Saturday due to the impending storm.
                Needless to say, I slept in on 1/19.

                I woke up and decided to do a quick hike at Rattlesnake. The snow started falling on the quick drive to the trailhead. Trailhead temp was -3F.
                I moved quickly & topped out in under 30 mins. As expected - zero view. But, it felt great to be outside. Walked around the summit for a few minutes.
                20 minutes back to the car. The roads were already getting messy from Willsboro to the Northway. Took my time & had a good ride home.

                Sunday was spent digging a path from my car to the road (Big Parking lot) so that I could pick up my daughter.
                The plow guy that my landlord hired was a no show until after 4PM!
                Needless to say after 6 hours of shoveling & running inside to warm back up - I was able to drive & pick her up.


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                  I finished the day taking in the Lunar Eclipse. The moon was really a nice red color at peak (quarter past midnight). Wish I had the right gear to take decent a photo, but I don't. We were lucky in Albany as the sky cleared for the event.

                  It was sooooo cold. I watched the live feed out of the Griffith Observatory in LA and took short peeks outside until the peak hour.

                  Small pic in this link.
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                    We did not get out and play in the fresh powder on Monday. We have been trying to catch powder when it's there. But our daytime high Monday was -7 F, and we just were not motivated to play outside...


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                      I skied around my neighborhood a few times in pristine, untouched powder, right down the middle of the road. After undoubtedly amusing the neighborhood for a while I managed to get the gate open and continued on into my back yard to create a "poop trail" though the snow for my dogs so they won't go all over the patio. As amusing as it can be to watch frozen dog sh!t fly out of the Toro Power Shovel that I use for the patio, I'd prefer them not to go there. On Sunday morning I took a drive down to Song Mountain and made some turns. The snow was pretty nice but GD was it ever cold on those slow, rickety chair lifts. Monday was a relax and recover day (drank too many beers while yelling at my TV for the AFC/NFC championship games), so I shoveled off my roof and then retreated inside for the day to lazily watch my dogs continue to sh!t on the patio. At least its easier to clean up when its frozen solid.
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