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  • Shenandoah: Bear Fence

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone here has hiked bearfence? I hope to take my 10 and 11 year old kids on this hike, they have climbed a number of ADK high peaks as well as a few other mountains. What I've read about bearfence talks about difficult scrambles and ledges, could anyone compare the type of scrambles on that hike to what I buy to be familiar with on a typical adk high peak?

    If it's nothing more than I would have encountered on the final bit of McIntyre, then they will be able to easily achieve the scramble.


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    I hiked Bearfence Mountain (along with Hawksbill & Stony Man) with my then-4-month-pregnant wife back in April 2017. There are definitely some cool scrambles, but everything was well-blazed with plenty of hand holds & foot holds. I don't recall anything prohibitively difficult about it. I'd say it's probably comparable to the final push up Algonquin.
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      Thank you! Sounds like it'll be a great one for my crew.


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        I did it last year in mid December with ice and snow and was a bit tricky.
        3rd hardest after rip rap and old rag but only for a short section. the whole hike is very short compared to ADK.
        Stony man and hawks bill are super super easy.