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    Originally posted by Rik
    When are you doing the Devil's Path?
    For some reason I'm not too motivated by the Devil's Path right now. I'm sure I'll get there some day!


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      Originally posted by jwellford View Post
      For some reason I'm not too motivated by the Devil's Path right now. I'm sure I'll get there some day!
      That's OK, our little 35ers will be here when you get around to it In the meantime, I think there may be a battle for the Devils Path's SKT
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        We need a new little on-fire smiley in honor of Jan.

        Nice work, yet again!

        I stopped by your place of employment the other day, but alas, you weren't there to congratulate in person.

        Keep up the good times!
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          Congrats from the crew at Wild Things! : )


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            Right on, Jan! Congrats! Pemi loop is one of my favs in NH. (Glad to hear you didn't eat it too bad on the way back!)
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              WOW!!!!! Congratulations Jan.
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                I was just there a couple of weeks ago and I can't believe someone could move that fast on those rocky trails
                Simply AMAZING


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                  After an email discussion with Peter Bawkin from the Fastest Known Times web site I have decided to go back to the Pemi this Monday (September 20th), this time with a borrowed Garmin 305 gps watch for verification purposes. This post is to serve as my notification. If you're in the area and doubt my previous times (or don't doubt but are willing to come along to help verify the hike) please don't hesitate to be there.

                  I'm shooting for a 9:15 to 9:30 arrival at Lincoln Woods and a 9:45 to 10:00 start.

                  jwellford _at_ hotmail

                  P.S. I realize most of you on this web site who are reading this probably think it's a bit insane. Just know that I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't psyched to go back and do it again! Hope to see some of you there!?

                  P.P.S. Would someone who knows please reply to tell me the trails in the Whites have dried out OK after this week's rain?


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                    go get em

                    very nice recon run and Hope for dry trails and a great run.
                    clear up any doubts and set the bar way up there.


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                      Originally posted by jwellford View Post
                      P.P.S. Would someone who knows please reply to tell me the trails in the Whites have dried out OK after this week's rain?
                      Well Jan, I don't think you are crazy. Good luck and I will be rooting for you!!!

                      As far as trails go, I was not in the Pemi but I was on both sides of it (Isolation on Friday and Moosilauke on Saturday); Isolation was a muddy in spots, Moosilauke had nothing to speak of. I think you are probably aware of your problem areas. Osseo at times, Lafayette to Garfield and onto Galehead Hut. Never being south of Bondcliff I cannot comment. As I said before, good luck!!!
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                        Go for it Jan and break your own record!!!

                        Awesome job and no doubts here in NY!!

                        Happy running - Snickers
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                          I think Farmer and Sasquatch are going to be in the area to witness (and perhaps take part) in the event. Weather looks good and conditions should be fine. I expect that things will go well out there today.


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                            Any word on how Jan fared today?


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                              Originally posted by TEO View Post
                              Any word on how Jan fared today?
                              Not well! Legs weren't there from the start so I was missing my splits by 1-3 minutes each time. Struggled with cramping from Lafayette on (my mistake, should have taken salt) and nausea from Garfield on (couldn't keep the GU down), probably because I was having to work so hard to try to be close to my times from two weeks ago.

                              Saw Sasquatch just before Galehead, heading in the opposite direction. Didn't know it was him at the time (it turns out they pulled into Lincoln woods just after I started). Left Galehead hut 10 minutes behind my split, figuring I'd push hard up S. Twin and see if I could turn the corner. Puked again. Hit the top in OK time but the way I was feeling (wobbly legs, no food in my system) it would have been stupid to try to run as fast as I needed to even break 7:04.

                              I walked it in from there, stopping and enjoying the views for a while at the Twinway junction. Beautiful day! Ryan (Farmer) passed me just before the top of Bond, moving well. He introduced himself quickly and told me he was at 5:25(?)--I told him to GO! I watched him top out on Bondcliff at 4pm. Once I got down to the Wilderness trail I was feeling better and managed to eat a Gu (for the first time since Garfield). Jogged it out from there. Ryan was waiting at the bridge, he'd done 7:14 I think (awesome job for not being in the mountains all summer). I did 8:30 or something. I jumped in the river to clean up. Rob (Sasquatch) came in shortly afterward with 8:20 or so, beating his previous best Pemi Loop by well over an hour. I drove home instead of staying in NH because I was feeling fine after taking my time on the hike. Another 9 hour driving day--these Pemi Loops are getting out of hand: too bad I'm so addicted.

                              I'm wishing I had turned around after Flume and saved it for today, given that I could tell I didn't have any legs once I saw I was 1.5 minutes behind on Flume (after putting in more effort going up it than last time). But I'm glad I got to see Farmer and Sasquatch in action and enjoy the Bonds, and I'm glad to be home. I'll upload the gps tracklog once I figure out how. It obviously doesn't prove anything, although it does show that even on a day when I was feeling lousy I was able to put up splits that were faster than Kevin and Ben. I guess I'll have to go back another time to clear it up once and for all.
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                                GPS tracklog

                                If you view it in Google Earth (link below the map) it shows where splits were taken. This Garmin 305 is pretty cool!