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Autumn Colours and (Mostly) Clear Trail Oct 8/18

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  • Autumn Colours and (Mostly) Clear Trail Oct 8/18

    Did a sweep of Mt Adams trail Columbus Day / CDN Thanksgiving. All but the two largest trail obstacles have been cleared (still steep though ).
    Tower structure, fencing, etc. all in good condition. New footing still looks great.

    Cool wet conditions enhanced the area's already vivid Autumn colours.
    Thankful every visit for the efforts of all of the folks responsible for renovating this spectacular destination!

    On a more general note, the drive home took a little longer than expected due to stops for seasonal photography...

    (resized, otherwise unedited!)
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    Now I'm wondering... should steepness be considered an obstacle, a hindrance, or a feature?
    Thanks for the unaltered photos. I've always considered the practice of photoshopping Adirondack views to be unnecessary and sad. Akin to putting make up on a baby. No enhancement needed!


    • Charlene 2.0
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      Now, as you know, I have long sought steepness on a trail akin to the Grouse Grind, without the expense of going back to Vancouver. You're good at math. Does Adams come close? The so called "steep" part on Dix, well, isn't. Comparatively speaking.
      By the way, you're one sick puppy.
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    • SummitHat
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      The tough sections of Adams are less steep than the Grouse Grind (or the BCMC trail I favour).
      The effort for Adams is greater though, as there's no Grouse SkyRide to float you back down to the start.

      As for Sick Puppies... they can do some good:

    • Charlene 2.0
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      "Free Hugs", eh? I can't help but think after watching this heartwarming little vid that you would be doing the hiking world a great service by stationing yourself on a ledge halfway up the Saddleback "cliffs" and holding up a sign like this. People would see you from Basin and the fear factor associated with this feature would be eliminated. It could well become the most popular destination in the park and thus save the state a lot of money rebuilding the Cascade Trail. TrailBoss could add your coordinates to his GPS thingie and I could join you on weekends. (Groundpounder is bound to come along eventually...) Think of it. We could be heroes. Show up in another magazine...

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    We could be Heroes... just for one day.

    As far as BC, hiking media coverage and the like, raise your glass to celebrity status.


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      So first off, thank you! I was up the same weekend spend some quality time with a couple of folks who have been invested in the tower, Kyler, Kenmore but did not venture down to Newcomb. I thought I might head to the tower next week, but now it appears optional.
      "Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
      Ed Viesturs