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  • Cascade

    It sounds like there may have been a fatal incident on Cascade yesterday. Anybody have any confirmed info?
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.

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    Heard nothing, yet.
    Nothing like being in the woods.


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      I saw a friend ask if something happened on Facebook, but haven't seen anything from any official source.


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        Yes, there was. Probable cardiac arrest
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        Ed Viesturs


        • FlyFishingandBeer
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          Thanks for that update. That's very unfortunate.

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        Town of Keene
        Essex County
        Wilderness Recovery:
        On June 25 at 11:11 a.m., Forest Rangers responded to a report of CPR in progress on a 44-year-old hiker approximately one mile and a half from the Cascade Mountain trailhead. Two hikers found the unresponsive hiker from Latham and two medical students arrived and began CPR. At 11:45 a.m., a physician arrived and determined the subject was deceased. DEC Bureau of Environmental Crimes (BECI) Investigator Panipinto and New York State Police (NYSP) responded. Seven Forest Rangers and two Assistant Forest Rangers assisted with the recovery effort and requested NYSP Aviation support due to the difficult terrain. At 4:30 p.m., with Ranger Balerno serving as hoist operator, the subject was hoisted into the helicopter before being turned over to the Essex County Coroner.


        • Hear the Footsteps
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          So young. And saddening.

        • gebby
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          At least he had a chance with two med students and a doctor coming along to try to save him!