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DEC rescues hiker from Wittenberg (and IDA)

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  • DEC rescues hiker from Wittenberg (and IDA)

    Rangers do more than just rescue hikers!
    Tom Rankin - 5444W, etc., etc.

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    ..And somebody on Huckleberry Point trail by KHP!

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      how about this though! you would think there would be a ticket for leaving a fire unattended too? just unreal.

      Town of Webb
      Herkimer County
      State Land Protection:
      On Sept. 4 at approximately 8:33 p.m., DEC's Raybrook Dispatch received a call from Herkimer County 911 advising of an unattended campfire near the summit of Bald Mountain in the Fulton Chain Wild Forest. Forest Ranger McCartney responded and located a father and son illegally camped in the vicinity of the fire tower. Ranger McCartney observed their campfire burning into a nearby stump and roots, contributing to a small ground fire. Discarded beer cans were observed in and around the campfire. Ranger McCartney extinguished the fire with water and hand tools. Tickets were issued for camping within 150 feet of a trail and for depositing waste on State Land. Ranger McCartney returned the following morning and declared the fire out by 11:30 a.m.
      46/46 as of August 1st, 2014!


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        "...extinguished the fire with water and hand tools." The picture/caption I found online suggested that he used their remaining supply of beer to extinguish the fire

      • YanaLG
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        that's justice!!!

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      This one should win the prize for most variety in one week.

      Beaver Dams NY. Actually named for two Beaver Dams.
      From a search. "The locality takes its name from TWO BEAVER DAMS on a small stream, in the vicinity, found, alive with beaver, by the early settlers, and one of them, or rather a portion of it, remains to the present day."

      Also a
      Beaverdam, OH
      Beaverdam Township, MO
      Beaverdam, WI
      Beaverdam, KY
      Beaverdam, TX
      Beaverdam, PA... not really a town or city.

      Well that's all for me. maybe there's more.


      • bikerhiker
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        That's some dam interesting history (ba dum tss)

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      I saw the hiker from Wittenberg declined transport to the hospital by ambulance, after getting lifted by the helicopter.
      We often joke about an elevator/escalator/etc back down the mountain, i have never joked about a helicopter ride back down.

      When my uncle was a nys forest ranger he was on a boat down in the binghamton streets when they were flooded (i believe 2011 but not from Irene), as well as getting sent out west on fire assignment. Those rangers are out there for us in many different ways, and they never know when, where or for how long they will punch the clock yet they go out there and get it done.
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