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Record number of search and rescues this year

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  • Record number of search and rescues this year

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    Well I must say the rangers (those few that are available) have been doing an incredible job. If you read the weekly reports, you will see a huge load of the common "lower leg injuries" and those who are caught out without any way to light their way at night (hint: a cell phone light does not make it). Most get cleared within a very few hours. The search and rescue volunteers have not really been activated for a large campaign search in over two years. There have been a couple of what amounted to relatively minor volunteer calls recently, but then the message to stand down after the rangers were successful came almost as quickly, (just as I was heading out the door). Many rangers have been deployed out west to fight fires across the country, so they are even more reduced here now. Good going, guys.
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      A record number of Nimrods lead to the rescue records. We do have great Rangers and CO's.