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Helicopter on Hurricane

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  • Helicopter on Hurricane

    Saw an interesting sight yesterday around 3 PM while we were out walking the dog. A helicopter flew over our neighborhood, and then landed on the summit of Hurricane; stayed a couple minutes and then took off again.

    We can see Hurricane right from our road, so we could see the helicopter sitting there for a couple minutes.

    Don't know if this was SAR related, or perhaps delivering materials for a trail or tower project, but it was certainly interesting.

    Anyone know the story?

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    We were on Upper Washbowl practicing a rescue scenario and heard the chopper too. Wonder what that was about?
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      Now I have the info: It was a material delivery - a roll of wire fencing for the tower. So mystery solved.


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        That's an expensive way to deliver. What the heck they using for fencing? Lol.


        • gebby
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          Around the stair case to prevent people from falling off?

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        Pretty heavy roll of fence. I've carried up smaller pieces, but I guess the project required a bigger piece:


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          Fencing for the stairs and landings I presume.
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            Does Hurricane's fire tower cab still need roof work?


            • tcd
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              I think the cab is all done. And yes, I think the fencing is for the stairs and landings. If I recall correctly, we've had problems with the lighter duty fencing suffering wind damage, so I think this is beefier fence.

            • Hear the Footsteps
              Hear the Footsteps commented
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              tcd your comment on light duty fencing beat me to the punch.
              Hope this is heavy duty stuff.
              I've seen towers a number of times where the fencing is off the structure of just plain ruptured. I bet winter snow and ice can do lots of damage.