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Hiker burns clothes to light the way down the mountain

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  • Hiker burns clothes to light the way down the mountain

    Now we go from bear, to bare!


    And this one is apparently true, given a ranger was involved.
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    I suspect that for the torch burners might have had human sacrifice as their 11th essential if they had not rescued in a timely manner! :P


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      This one gave me a laugh! It has a Gilligan's Island feel.
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      • Makwa
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        Looking back now it is evident the Howells and Ginger were survivalists. They went on a 3-hour tour... a 3-hour tour... on a tiny boat and brought steamer trunks full of clothes. Definitely a prepper move. The rest had just the clothes on their back.... which never got dirty or became threadbare after all that time on the island.

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      Well duh. Flashlights are cheaper.


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        Originally posted by TFR View Post
        Now we go from bear, to bare! least this group didn't pee on each other to try and keep warm.
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          I have to ask... they were on a mountain surrounded by trees and they chose to use their clothes to make torches?


          • gebby
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            Makwa that poor woman who died on MacNaughton a few years ago tried to light her fleece gloves on fire to stay warm, but fleece melts and does not burn.

          • mbowler
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            Have you ever tried to make a torch with a stick? Does not produce much light, or flame for more than a few seconds, even after holding it in a roaring fire for a few minutes. As a kid we used to make torches with plastic bags wrapped around the end of a stick. This worked wonderfully, though somewhat of a flame dripping fire hazard. Maybe a nylon rain jacket would work similarly. I admire these two for their resourcefulness, though not necessarily their preparedness.

          • Makwa
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            I get what you're saying. I was just thinking I woulda tried to used the most abundant fuel source. You can only burn your clothes once. And how long would they burn for? A few minutes?

            The plastic bag idea is interesting. I always have a bunch of those on me. Though something must have to go terribly wrong with every other light source I carry before I would have to resort to that.

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          Sadly, this one is very true. Ranger "SVL" confirmed it on twitter recently. As funny as this one is, it could have gone haywire in a number of ways, especially if they were wearing sport-specific hiking clothing. Ever catch your tech fabrics on fire? What a mess.

          I've seen some weird stuff out in the back country, but this one would have taken the cake.
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