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  • Recent rescue near JBL

    Anybody see this one from the most recent Rangers Report? I wonder exactly how much of a factor the added mileage was. They were 6.5 miles from the Garden and 9.5 miles from their car when the rescue call came in. Even without the extra road walk to start the day they still would have been deep in the backcountry when their troubles began. Perhaps close enough to JBL to stumble there on their own? Who knows? Either way the loss of the shuttle this year claimed a few victims who bit off far more than they could chew.

    Town of Keene
    Essex County
    Wilderness Rescue:
    On July 15 at 8:23 p.m., DEC’s Ray Brook Dispatch received a radio transmission from Johns Brook Lodge (JBL) reporting a 36-year-old male hiker from Watervliet suffering from dizziness, fatigue, and struggling to walk approximately 3.5 miles up the trail at an intersection known as Shorty Shortcut. A member of the man’s hiking party went down the mountain to report his illness and request assistance. He also reported that one of the two people with the man was a nurse. Forest Ranger Rob Praczkajlo responded and determined the group would likely reach JBL by midnight at the earliest. In response, the Ranger took an ATV into the Johns Brook Outpost where he met with one of the hiker’s companions and the ADK Johns Brook Caretaker who told him the general location of the ill hiker on the trail. Ranger Praczkajlo proceeded in on foot and located the hiker near Bushnell Falls at 1 a.m. After resting, receiving water, food, and a headlamp, the ill hiker and his companions slowly made their way down to JBL, arriving at 2:30 a.m. Once at JBL, Ranger Praczkajlo stayed with two hikers too exhausted to continue hiking out to their vehicle and requested an ATV and Ranger to safely escort the pair back to the trailhead. Earlier that day, the hikers parked three miles away in the Hamlet of Keene Valley because the Garden lot was full. The hikers underestimated the additional effort required to hike the added distance.

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    and how hot and humid was it then? Often those factors are overlooked/ignored.


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      I thought the same thing when I read it.
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        Also kinda curious where he was parked that it was 3 miles to the car. It's under 2 from Rooster Comb to Garden, so while it's still a ways for someone not used to it, the report could also be overestimated. In either case, I'd guess improper hydration to compensate for the humitity was more an issue than a couple extra miles.
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        • Makwa
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          1.6 mile from the Garden to Route 73. Another 1.75 or so to Marcy Field. Round down 3.35 to 3 and could it be that's where they parked?

          Agree re: humidity. It's probably the biggest sapper of strength on a hike.

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        Is SHORTY their typo, or yours?
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          Their typo. I just copied/pasted from the Adirondack Almanack.

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        Probably parked at Marcy Field; that's the right distance. Maybe did not realize that there was no shuttle this year?

        Also interesting to read that the hiker received "...water, food, AND A HEADLAMP..." (emphasis mine). Sounds like there was more to this than just excess distance.


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          Makwa / tcd -- Makes sense! I didn't think deep enough to consider that one.
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            Sorry about the spacing. Historical data for Saranac Lake Reporting Station from Weather Underground.
            Looks like reasonable temperatures even though humidity was high and turned out a nice day. Condition Fair to Mostly Cloudy.

            The problem with incident reports is lots of information is lacking.

            First timers will find the climb to Chicken Coop brook and to Slant Rock more than they expected.
            I can say that because I felt that way my first time.

            Time Temperature Dew Point Humidity
            05:01:00 AM 50 F 48 F 93 %
            05:13:00 AM 49 F 48 F 97 %
            05:51:00 AM 48 F 47 F 96 %
            05:59:00 AM 49 F 48 F 97 %
            06:08:00 AM 49 F 47 F 93 %
            06:17:00 AM 50 F 48 F 93 %
            06:21:00 AM 50 F 48 F 93 %
            06:34:00 AM 51 F 50 F 96 %
            06:44:00 AM 52 F 50 F 93 %
            06:51:00 AM 53 F 52 F 96 %
            07:04:00 AM 55 F 53 F 93 %
            07:15:00 AM 57 F 56 F 96 %
            07:23:00 AM 58 F 56 F 93 %
            07:51:00 AM 60 F 58 F 93 %
            08:51:00 AM 65 F 55 F 70 %
            09:51:00 AM 68 F 54 F 61 %
            10:51:00 AM 71 F 51 F 49 %
            11:51:00 AM 74 F 51 F 45 %
            12:51:00 PM 76 F 52 F 43 %
            01:51:00 PM 76 F 51 F 42 %
            02:51:00 PM 76 F 52 F 43 %
            03:51:00 PM 79 F 52 F 39 %
            04:51:00 PM 78 F 52 F 40 %
            05:51:00 PM 78 F 53 F 42 %