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Rangers rescue missing Marcy hiker

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  • Rangers rescue missing Marcy hiker

    This might be one where a SPOT device or even a cell phone may have kept a rescue operation from even launching. Found on a trail and walked out under own power. Some frostbite though. Hopefully she recovers and doesn't have any lasting issues from it.

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    I'm impressed that she was prepared to spend a night out in the winter. I'm glad this ended happily, but in the time of the Corona virus, we were all hoping that this kind of thing would not have happened and people would hike locally. Greenwich is not local to MSG. :(


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      To be fair, if she started the hike on Friday 3/20 it would have been before the "hike locally" request was even put out there. That happened later in the day on 3/20.

      Even today I'm not sure most hikers would be aware of that request. We've lamented over the years that people don't pay attention to backcountry notices or read the DEC web site. Mud season requests are roundly ignored. People are unaware of snowshoe regs. The parking restrictions along 73 took people by surprise. And so on. It's gonna be a little while before people catch up to the hike locally idea even while NYS is under a Stay At Home order. It takes time for people to put two and two together sometimes.

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    Just FYI: A number of us have been trying to help others connect the dots with messages like this: .
    May your ambition for the goal allow you to be a student of the journey.


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    Not a bit Makwa . Thanks.
    May your ambition for the goal allow you to be a student of the journey.