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    Their names have just been released: Merry, Pippin and Sam.

    Being hobbits, they naturally walk slow. They mistook Mount Giant for Mount Doom where their friend Frodo was waiting.


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      FlyFishingandBeer and anyone else wondering...

      I asked Ranger VanLaer on Twitter about snowshoe regulations for the Giant Wilderness.

      His direct response was:

      "They are not required by regulation in the Giant Wilderness."


      • ndru
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        Might be time to revisit that regulation. Seems like an oversight. Same for Whiteface/Esther too.

        I don't see why X inches of snow on one peak should be any different than X inches of snow on another.

        Just because something is "technically compliant", doesn't mean it's right, or even makes sense.

      • FlyFishingandBeer
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        Thanks for the clarification...well, not really clarification but it does clarify whether one could be ticketed. To ndru 's point, it shouldn't be that arbitrary, especially when that WMU page states that BC regs still apply. I suspect I'm preaching to the choir here.

        The larger issue at hand is that people are/are not doing things because of regulations, and not because they're working with experience and/or common sense. People who commonly interact on this site will lean towards a rationale of "its winter. There's snow. Snowshoes are a prudent piece of equipment, whether or not they get used." Fortunately the majority of people I see in the ADK seem to align themselves with that logic. The ones who don't, like "Merry, Pippin, and Sam" are probably kids who have never studied a trail map, don't carry a map and compass or any other emergency gear, get all of their "data" by scrolling through social media posts, and assume that physical fitness automatically = winter mountaineering ability.

      • Learning The Trails
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        I don't think you'll see any changes at Whiteface because of ORDA, Unions and lawyers.

        Snowshoe rules and regulations are around for the benefit of first responders and rescue teams in the backcountry. Whiteface is accessible almost every which way possible.which gives rescuers a lot of options for approach and extraction.

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      I'm not excusing these people, but just because you can hear the road does not mean there is an easy or safe way down to it.
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      • CatskillKev
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        Agreed. Just shows what happens when you don't take surface-increasing-devices in very deep snow. What happens if you lose the trail... Or your staying up on top of the trail ceases...