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  • Black Diamond Revolt

    just picked this up today in Dicks Sporting goods store. I can’t seem to figure out the lock that opens the battery section. The picture looks to indicate you push the clip up, but it won’t budge. Anyone have one of these headlamps?
    Nothing like being in the woods.

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    Don't have one but would imagine youtube has the answer..
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    • Gerard01
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      Thanks, Makwa. I saw it’s use on another video. I should have put 2 and 2 together, but my math is not so good that early in the morning. The red light is going to be interesting to use.

    • FlyFishingandBeer
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      Gerard01 Makwa The other interesting feature of using the red light is that you can use it to read [most] maps at night without losing any of the map's attributes. Until most lights were converted from incandescent to LED, it was also used because it believed not to be as visible at night by "third parties" over distances. I've never tested that theory.

      I use the red light on mine pretty frequently to walk my dogs at night along our community's bike paths. It enables me to see where I'm going but doesn't affect my longer range vision and keeps moths from constantly bumping into my forehead.

    • Learning The Trails
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      Not mentioned, but I believe implied. The red light is less likely to wake up the other people sleeping in your tent or lean-to.