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    Just when you think you have all the gear you need.......

    Swiss Army? Gerber? Leatherman? Just a knife or a multipurpose? Please all tell me what you have as your tried and true, 4 seasons....won't hike without it. Is just a knife fine, or good to have a knife, scissors, etc.

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    Leatherman for me but they are pretty heavy. I've only used the Leatherman's knife a few times in 10+ years. All the other doo-hickeys on it are enough to field repair most anything you'd need to and are a hair larger than equivalent tools on a Swiss Army knife.


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      I used to always carry a Leatherman multi-tool, until I lost it last winter. I replaced it with a Gerber multi-tool. I like having the pliers.

      I've started carrying a Leatherman jack knife as well in the winter. It has a fold out phillips head screw driver. That gives me the ability to use the pliers and screw driver simultaneously if needed for a snowshoe repair.
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        I've never carried a multitool. Used to/sometimes still carry a swiss army knife. Now typically just a small sharp folding knife (real small, like 2" blade, maybe smaller), plus the small scissors in my med kit. Have never had to make a major field repair. Feel like I might be living on borrowed time, maybe I should grab a multi tool? Can think of many ways pliers could be useful, especially in winter, but have never had the need (yet...).


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          I carry a smaller multitool. Because of its sharpened blade, but mostly for the needle nosed pliers. The pliers are hand for many things, including pulling cold zip ties or frozen bindings. The key reason for the pliers is because of porcupines. I've dequilled dogs 9-10x and they are indispensable.
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            In the winter I carry a small, basic Gerber multitool, some little screws and nuts that can be used to replace broken/popped/sheered rivets on my snowshoes, and a very small spool (~3-4 ft) of that Gear Tie material. It all goes into my little winter survival kit. I've had to put these items to use a few times. In the Summer I carry a very small SOG folding knife in my first aid kit. By "very small" I mean its about the same size as a tube of chapstick. Its either the Twitch, or Twitch II, whichever is smaller.
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              For winter my kit is geared mainly for snowshoe repair. The part on MSR snowshoes that is critical are the split rings that fasten the binding. So I have a spares kit including the clevis. I’m overspared; so, I also have wire, cable ties, and a nut and bolt, and other extras including the tiny wrench that the bolt.

              Tools are a real miniature needle nose and small screwdriver. The screw driver is the size I use at home to change the split rings.