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Rechargeable Lithium AAA batteries. Any good?

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  • Rechargeable Lithium AAA batteries. Any good?

    Has anyone tried these batteries?

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    No...but the advertised capacity seems pretty low.


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      Originally posted by FoulHooked View Post
      No...but the advertised capacity seems pretty low.
      I use Eneloop AAA's whose capacity is 800 mAh.
      These Lithiums only advertise 400mAh. Does seem pretty low.

      These batteries advertise 1100 mAh.


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        I've been using these in my SPOT for several years and have no complaints...


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          Originally posted by Neil View Post
          Pop over to VFTT and ask DougPaul, who is an expert on these things.


          • Neil
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          You should double check all this because I might be an idiot and completely wrong about all of it. But if I'm not. . .

          These are lithium-ion batteries, like in laptops and cellphones. They are not primary lithium cells, ie "Lithium" batteries. I think they used to be called camera batteries and are usually the most expensive type, and not rechargeable. A Lithium AAA capacity should be more like 1200 mAh. Lithium batteries are the ones recommended as best for cold weather use.
          Li-ion batteries I believe are comparable to Ni-MH for cold performance. The Amazon listing feels intentionally misleading saying "Not Alkaline/Ni-MH Batteries". Well they aren't Lithium batteries either.

          For what it's worth, I've used Li-ion batteries(18650, 3400 mAh) in my headlamps for years in all conditions(NH48x12) and love them and have never had any problems. But Li-ion batteries are also the batteries that can fail catastrophically if they charge bad or get beat up. "Vent-with-flame" is the technical term, I believe, for this poisonous explosion. The small size of AAAs combined with a no-brand chinese battery plus a weird looking built in charger(has to be reducing capacity to include that) make me a little nervous about these. I researched my batteries pretty well and bought a quality charger. If I were you I would do more research on this.


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            Don't be this guy...

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              Ha ha! You got me there! For a while there I thought you were serious. It got me to go back and read the Forum rules which I will consider my punishment for fooling around.

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              I so believed this and I now hate you because this is not true!!!

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              This is great!

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            I came across this which is interesting and somewhat scary. So basically these batteries are constant RF noise emitters... probably fine for a headlamp application, but be very careful when combining with other radio devices. The link below is about the problems associated with avalanche transceivers, but I could imagine these batteries might cause issues with things like GPS receivers and PLB type devices as well.



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              Originally posted by Neil View Post
              I actually do own these and they do have the nice feature of being USB rechargeable, which is genius! No charger gizmo required. But, as others have alluded to they do not last very long.
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