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Has anyone else had a Ďtired heartí when backpacking?

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    Originally posted by Jnolan View Post
    I was referring to online references from credible sources. As a biology teacher with a couple masters degrees, Iím quite critical about selecting sources.
    Jnolan, has your research included Waterlogged by Tim Noakes?

    If no, your research is incomplete.
    Often people blame dehydration, electrolyte balance, inadequate refuelling rather than insufficient fitness/too high speed of hiking.

    I was rubbed the wrong way by your phrase "My recent research indicates".
    I believe that proper phrase should be "I assume that ...".


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      Iím a hiker who identified with another hikerís symptoms. I had been going hard on a hot training hike and later read about some of my symptoms to gain insights beyond my initial assumptions. I simply shared what I read as a hiker in a hiker chat group.

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        I don't know if adding more to this thread makes me seem more insane or not. I am poking around the internet looking at intercostal muscle strains and I see that coughing can strain your intercostal muscle.

        Guess what? I just remembered that I had a coughing fit while descending from the cross roads to Panther gorge.

        I was just hiking along when I inhaled something. I have no idea what because it was raining at the time. Maybe it was a bug. Something got stuck in my throat and I could not get it out. I coughed so hard that twice I was gagging like I was going to throw up. This has never happened before to me. I finally got a water bottle out and had to hike with it swigging as I went down the trail. Thank God that stretch of trail is one of the best in the area or I would have had to just sit there in the rain. Did I mention it was raining? So I am hiking down the trail with tears in my eyes, holding my hiking poles so I can drink out of my nalagene and try to make it back to the leanto so I can stay dry. Why I was rushing with a rain coat on and a pack cover keeping my pack dry I don't know.

        My tired heart on the way up the mountain was probably dehydration and the fact that it seemed to stay a few days was due to the intercostal muscle pull from the coughing fit.
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