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Elk Lake Closure date

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  • Elk Lake Closure date

    Does anyone have the dates. I see big game season but when is this for that area?

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    The Elk Lake Club trail closure is often a couple days before the actual season starts. They do not usually post the closure date on their website. Only way to find out is to call them on the phone (old fashioned, I know). (518) 532-7616.


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      Speaking of which, does Meadows Lane (AKA South Meadows Rd.) stay open until the end of regular deer season? Ie. some time around mid-December?


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        Tomcat You can pretty much set your watch to Elk Lake access closing down one week prior to the regular northern tier hunting season's opening day.

        Neil It did last year. IIRC it stays open until the Loj road's plow season begins.
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          Neil, that's another one where you want to make a phone call. For Meadow Lane, call the Town of North Elba (518) 523-9516. The Meadow Lane closure is not driven by the hunting season, but rather by the highway department and snow plowing season.