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Murder on the Appalachian Trail

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  • Murder on the Appalachian Trail

    My god... what a horrific story.

    more info here on how the suspect had been "menacing" hikers in the past...

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    Not another? How sad. Condolences for family and friends.


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      For the interested, there is a lengthy thread over on white blaze.”


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        That thread is a complete dumpster fire. Its easy to forget how civilized and rational this forum is compared to a lot of other outdoor rec forums.

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        Agreed. That was barely readable. Jeesh...

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      Originally posted by dundee View Post
      Not another? How sad. Condolences for family and friends.
      The other. I read an article in Outside Magazine Nov 2018.


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        Saw this yesterday but the story neglected to mention his arrest a few weeks ago. Unfortunate that he went right back to menacing hikers. Shameful.

        The last murder on the AT was in 2011. There have been a total of 12 since the trail opened in 1937.

        To paraphrase Bill Bryson, if you drew a 2,200 mile line across America it would cross over places where murders happen every day. Consider how many people hike parts or all of the AT annually... In regards to murder, the AT is still very much a safe place to be.


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          I'm too wound up to not say something especially in a lean-to/ shelter/ generally un frackin comfortable situation. People are timid in wild situations, I opt for a more direct approach. Better now than later. #protecttyaneck

          Sidenote: Above linked forum are savagely vulgar and violent! None of this civilized convo we all have. Dammmmn. Lol. Who moderates this thing?


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            Odie (publisher of the AT hiker yearbook) evidently tried to help the dude out after his first arrest in April and went as far as renting him a room for the night & buying a bus ticket home.