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Voluntary Hiker Permit or Licence system - is this a good idea?

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  • Voluntary Hiker Permit or Licence system - is this a good idea?

    I work for a big corporation. We constantly have to take classes on money laundering, computer security, sexual harassment, etc, etc, So the last time I was taking a class at work I was thinking that some one should make one of these courses on hiking.

    So here is what I am thinking. Make a course on hiking in the Adirondacks that would be available over the internet. If you pass the course you can buy a patch, bracelet, pin or tee shirt or something. People wear their talisman while they hike. Other people see the talisman and ask about it. They think it is a good idea and take the course.

    The goals would be fewer calls to rangers and lower hiker impact. In addition those times when a ranger is needed, the person being rescued is hydrated, eating their extra food, and warmly waiting in their extra clothing.

    So I am asking. Would a course be possible? Would it be a good idea? Would it fly legally? Meaning some one would follow the training and still have a problem in the wilderness and sue the non profit making the course.

    I am looking for your real opinions. Don't hold back.
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      I did not read that thread because the whole thing just seems a little silly to me. There has to be a sustained effort, not just a weekend here and there. And if you show up at the trail head without the proper gear, it is too late.

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    Don't do anything New Hampshire wouldn't do. Not that I'm necessarily happy with all they do either. Referring to charging for rescues, that sounds pretty good.
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      I really like the idea of the "Hike Safe" card like New Hampshire has. Covers you if you're prepared and unlucky, but still liable to be charged for rescue if you are irresponsible or unprepared. I like to think that I am neither and have paid for it two years running while I am hiking out there and hope never to need it and look at it as a donation to the cause.