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  • Changing forum host server

    after much frustration with our current host we have opted to change to a new company with greater capacity to handle our needs.
    It will be several days before the immense amount of data is backed up and the entire forum is transferred at which point the new service will not go live until it is tested and then the transition should be seamless, but we know there is always a chance that things could go sideways but we are fairly confident it won’t.
    i would be remiss in not mentioning the efforts of Num-Num in assisting us with upgrades and helping us find a new host and of course with Kyler and Num-Num working together Neil and I would have crashed the site a long time ago!
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    You need any donations to pay for the new host?


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      Transfer has been completed.
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      • Makwa
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        Thanks to you and everybody involved for your hard work on the project. It is much appreciated.

      • Craig
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        thank you.