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Winter Hiking Glove setup

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  • Winter Hiking Glove setup

    While shoveling today, I noticed I think I need new gloves... if the temp is above 25-30 these gloves I bought in 2006 are fine, but when its down more near 0-15 - they no longer are acceptable and my fingers start to freeze..

    This is what I currently have:

    I am thinking of getting some glove liners, would they fit inside if I wore them inside that glove? I am not sure...

    was thinking of buying these:

    if they fit I can use em, if not I need to buy another layer, I have fleece gloves as well i could use, but still would need a shell..

    Tell me your thoughts / also tell me your glove setup!


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    Hiking I take 3 sets of liners and mittens for each. Never had to use the third but they are the for emergencies only. Mine and koppen liner with cabelas mitten and an EMS combo set. One set gets sweated on the way up. And then a dry set for summit and return...
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      I also find that thr glove liners and mitts work best. I usually go through two or three of the lightweight liners under a wateproof insulated mitt when temps are above 5-10
      When it gets really cold I wear a heavier glove similar to the northface you mention with the mitts. I had gotten the tops of a couple of fingers frostbit in sewards one time and have worn the combo ever since.
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        When it's really cold, insulated gloves fail to keep my hands warm so I wear mittens.

        Here's my current layering system:
        Liner gloves.
        Insulated fleece mittens. (MEC Cascade mitts)
        Gore-Tex shell mittens. (Outdoor Research Endeavor mitts)

        If I need maximum dexterity, I simply pull my gloved hand out of the other two mitts.

        Inserting cold hands into cold mitts can be a struggle so each layer is sized appropriately. The liner gloves are medium or large (depends on the manufacturer) and fit my hand perfectly. The insulated mitts are size large. The shell mitts are size extra-large. The whole set nests easily and fits my hand loosely. If you have cold hands like I do, tight fitting handwear is a bad idea.

        Depending on conditions, I can wear any of the three alone or in combination.

        My hands can get cold even in mitts so I often use hand-warmers. Even with all of this going on, my thumbs can become cold! When that happens, I simply keep all digits and thumbs together within the main body of the mitt.

        I carry at least one spare set of fleece mitts.

        FWIW, I'm currently considering replacing the generic polyester liner gloves with gloves made of thin, windproof, Gore N2S (Next 2 Skin). When I pull my humid gloved hand out of a mitt, to operate a camera, it doesn't take long before a cold breeze starts to nip at my fingers. A very thin windproof version should allow for dexterity yet block wind. I've tried wearing a Nitrile glove under the liner glove but didn't like the arrangement.
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          I have those NF liners- they work great with my Black Diamond Mercury mitts.


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            These are the Windstopper N2S liner gloves I had in mind. Just waiting for them to go on sale. What brand/model are you using?

            REI sells a very similar product made by Manzella. More expensive and has slightly less silicone gripping surface. Customer reviews are positive.
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              Gloves, mittens, doesn't matter, I couldn't keep my fingers warm . . . until I started using vapor barriers. Here's a link to what I use.


              These things work. Plain old food service type gloves. Three bucks for a hundred (about $12 after shipping). Your liners never get wet from sweat. The only draw back(s) that I have found are that my hands will smell bad at the end of the day (so I wash'em) and the squirrelly looks that I get when I take off my mittens. No problems keeping my fingers warm any more.

              The latex type gloves don't work, too tight.

              And one other thing, although I use the chemical hand warmers occasionally, I don't like to use them when I hike simply because I don't like to rely on the artificial warmth. I want to know that I can stay warm when the warmers konk out.


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                thanks as I suspected... liners, mittens, and mittens


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                  @Trailboss - the liners I use with the Black Diamond mittens are the North Face Flash Dry . I think they are great. I did have a pair of Patagonia liners I thought were really good until I bought the NF ones. They keep my hands warmer and soak up any moisture that appears. I highly recommend .


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                    Ah, I misunderstood. I thought the liners you had were windproof. They're very similar to what I currently use. I'm now looking for windproof liners, preferably with silicone grippers on the digits to help grasp cold slippery cameras and the like.

                    The link didn't work for me this morning (site problems) but I think I know what kind of loose gloves you are suggesting. The Nitrile gloves I've used weren't tight (hands stayed warm) but didn't perform well when I extracted my gloved hand to operate a camera. However, yes, they did a fair job of keeping sweat away from my insulated mitts. Downside was having cadaverous, pruney palms afterwards!
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                      I just have a couple pairs of inexpensive mittens that I use with a liner glove. While I'm hiking, my fingers are rarely cold. The "go to" mitten that I carry in winter for warmth fingers is the Black Diamond Mercury. I put them on if I stop for awhile, or if my fingers get cold on the descent. Never a cold hand with these!


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                        all time fave !!!!!!!!!

                        Originally posted by Trail Boss View Post

                        These are the Windstopper N2S liner gloves I had in mind. Just waiting for them to go on sale. What brand/model are you using?

                        REI sells a very similar product made by Manzella. More expensive and has slightly less silicone gripping surface. Customer reviews are positive.
                        these are Manzella ? the old N2S = next to skin pre gore windstopper. These fit my short fat fingers like a glove . zero insulation but very windproof. they do hold some moisture, but last longer than most liners before damp.
                        the tips of the fingers wear quickly so when new put your own sacrifice seam grip layer on them. I use them under a plain ragg wool mitt sized up just a bit that cost less than 10.00.

                        Nest system as you described works best for me also. I have 2 other set ups.
                        both use the same cheap ragg wool mitts.
                        I have very very thin merino wool glove liners ( cheap, thin from seirra trading post ) that nest into terramar thin strechy liners a bit larger, then the wool mitts over both with OR over mitts from e-bay.
                        another set up is a pair of aucliar dress gloves med size and weight merino wool I got for 7.00 that nest into same old cheap ragg wool mitts = very warm.
                        I have a whole collection of OR over mitts. The best are the seam sealed endeavors, good for wet snow and very beathable. The gortex basic mitts ( never pay more than 20.00 as they were only 30.00 new ) are not seam sealed but good as 2nd pair and you can seal seams if you want. depending on temp / weather I'll start out with the basics first and have the endeavors stored next to / wraped up with my nalgene of hot water ( boiled at TH )
                        pre loaded with 2nd set of wool / liners, warm and dry

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                          We use the OR Meteor overmitts and they're awesome. I have to agree with Nomad, above. I have always had issues keeping my hands warm. No more. These things are phenomenal. I use them over the fleece mitt liner they come with and Mr. Orang uses them over some fleecy gloves. We both love them. He has issues with Raynaud's,
                          and these do the trick. These, and the lobster claws, are the only suitable options for him.

                          I'm going to take a looksee at those vapor barriers Doug mentioned too, for daily use for him. Thanks!
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                            Go to a hardware store in the Daks and get a pair of choppers, these are leather mittens with a fluffy liner, then add a pair of fleece glove liners and you have a great inexpensive system.
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                              I have been using these two together this winter with good results:

                              Marmot Driclime Glove


                              Heavy Burton Mittens (which mostly hang from my wrists)

                              Used to wear fleece Marmot under-gloves but my hands froze when I took off the mitts to work with gear in exposed windy areas. Been down to -12 with -30 windchill and held up alight with these.
                              I just got a nice pair of heavy Northface gloves as a gift, if it was really cold (like extreme weather) I guess I would wear them under the Mitts.