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    It looks like I am able to come there tomorrow.
    However all the best options (like Street & Nye and Phelps) are already taken.

    Can you think of another easy option with a flat trail in the woods (sheltered from the wind) with just a bit of elevation gain and no ice on the trail?


    • ADKJack
      ADKJack commented
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      It appears that we will not get close to hitting all 46 so hike whatever you would like. Phelps and Tabletop are similar to S&N if you want to try something else.

    • autochromatica
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      Sawteeth, Dial, Cascade and Porter are my go-to options for that criteria, Yuri. Just not all in the same day.

    • Yury
      Yury commented
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      As far as I remember Sawteeth, Dial, Cascade and Porter can be very dangerous due to presence of steep parts of a trail that can be icy.
      I will go to Street & Nye today.
      Yury, #10

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    Jack, sign me up for Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge...already done today.


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      Algonquin Iroquois and Wright were covered today by me, GRT, and her friends Steve and Janice.

      We left Wright for the end.

      I led our group as we broke out to Iroquois. Took us an hour and a forty from Algonquin. The slow pace was due to the number of spruce traps fallen because of soft snow in the trees. Outside the trees the snow was wind packed and supportive.



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        Anything planned for March 2019?
        ADK HP 46/46 ADK HPW 13/46 My photos "There's no such thing as failure who keeps trying, coasting near the bottom is the only disgrace." - John Popper


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          Nothing planned this winter.