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Dix via Rt. 73 / Dix Trail

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  • Dix via Rt. 73 / Dix Trail

    Dix trail tracked out from the Round Pond trailhead. A team had originally tracked this out on 1/19 (thank you!), and we were the first ones in since then. About 3-4 inches of fresh powder on the trail, and it snowed the entire day. Snowshoes from start to finish. Departed trailhead at 8:00 am, returned at 6:30 pm.

    No tracks coming up from Hunter's Pass. Good luck with that.

    No views atop Dix, winds in the 20s.

    That climb along the upper Dix Slide - is there a steeper marked trail in the ADK? Made for some great butt sliding on the way out though. Almost too much powder during the slide which was slowing us down.
    LT 06

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    I would say that trail is in the top 5 for steepness similar to the trail from lake Colden to the Algonquin/Boundary Col or the trail from Whiteface landing
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      according to joecedar the top 5 (given a set of criteria) are
      1. dix from round pond
      2. dix via hunter's pass
      3. seymour
      4. allen
      5. macomb


      the pdf with the list is on page 4 of the thread.


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        I knew there'd be a list - thank you for uncovering. Confirmed.

      • WNY Wanderer
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        Interestingly enough, Cascade (widely regarded as the easiest of the 46) cracked that list of steepest trails.