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Giant + Rocky Peak Ridge

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  • Giant + Rocky Peak Ridge

    Glad I got out there to get these two before the sizable snow forecast may come to fruition later this week! With a lot of new powder, breaking this out will take super-humans possibly multiple trips.

    My new friend Joseph and I teamed up to hike these two. We knew it'd be steeeep -- around 4000' gain over about 8 miles. I'm not sure I can think of many other 4K peaks in New York or New England that involve that kind of elevation/distance ratio. I'm sure there are some, but this is serious stuff.

    I wore snowshoes the whole time, not just because of the steep pitches, but also because I needed to reduce the Achilles strain (which they did in a BIG way). They did get to be a pain coming down the ridge trail and its stretches of rocky terrain, though. Quite a bit of snow cover up high - more than I expected. But there was ice, and a few spots were a bit tough to negotiate, especially coming down, but just take your time and be safe, it's fine.

    That one ice flow spot about 0.2mi down into the col from Giant toward RPR is very tricky. I wouldn't recommend simply jumping (it's gotta be 12-14'), and if you do try to wrangle your way down with the help of the trees, be careful and very sure of yourself. Rope or webbing would definitely help. We decided to forego that (even though I brought webbing with me) and we took an established whack to the right above the ice wall that brings you through the trees and down about 50 feet along the trail. There's one somewhat tricky spot along that whack, but it's quite doable with care -- certainly much better than the big one!

    Joseph's dog Bromley is a beast - that dog ran the equivalent of 3 of these today, with boundless energy.

    Click image for larger version

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