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Giant leanto missing?

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  • Giant leanto missing?

    Yesterday, my wife decided to do the 10 mile Giant traverse, from Etown to Chapel Pond. I asked her to check out the leanto on the North trail, but when I met her at CP, she said that she couldn't find it. I looked on my GAIA OSM layer, where I'm sure I saw it before, but it wasn't there either. Has it been removed?

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    I'm pretty sure it's still there, although I think there is a plan to relocate it a bit uphill from the original site. Maybe that's already been done?

    But it's easy to miss. You cannot see the leanto from the trail; the side trail (a left turn when you are headed West from Elizabethtown) is obscure; and the sign fell down years ago and has never been replaced.


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      It is there. In June A member of the 46ers trail crew stripped the roof shingles and installed a tarp over it, in anticipation of a move sometime/somewhere, or maybe it will be demolished.

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