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No "Secret Season" this year

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  • No "Secret Season" this year

    Some years there is a good hot thaw in March or April that burns down the snow and dries things up, and then there is a wonderful season, sometimes 6-8 weeks, when the woods are dry, and there are no leaves, and no bugs. I call it "Secret Season" because not everyone knows about it.

    But this year, all these reports of tons of snow still up high; and it was snowing like hell here at my house just a week ago; and now today, the black flies are out in North Hudson already.

    No Secret Season this year!

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    Retired now, but back when I was working I often noticed such a season of a couple of weeks semi-regularly occurring in April with spectacular weather and early ice out so great for outdoor activities. Sad thing is I couldn't suddenly take vacation time without prior planning and authorized scheduling. Now retired, these weeks do not seem to happen as frequently. Definitely not this year.
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      This used to be the only season that I'd be able to go (because of college schedules and the availability of the one friend who would hike with me). I still get sad now the first week of every May knowing it'll be another year with no hike.
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        Below 3000' in the Hoffman Notch Wilderness there is little or no snow, no leaves and no bugs. Above 3k, especially on north and east-facing slopes I encountered snow that was deep, wet and without structure.


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          Definitely enjoyed the "secret season" back in 2015. Super dry that spring. Not only was the ground solid, but the bugs were largely absent as well!


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            Maybe no season in the valley. I can say that where there's snow, and there is still lots of snow, there aren't any bugs. But I guess you expected that.

            Still amazed by the snow that accumulated this winter season

            Though I can see by the water. Trout Brook Pottersville I-87 and in the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers where I live that the melt is slowing and snow pack is ending.



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              Anyone think the recent freezing temps at night might screw up the black fly population? Or, are they impervious to that?


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                I think a freeze only makes a difference if it happens after the bulk of them have hatched. Most of them are safely in their eggs right now. There are only a few flying around.

                I remember one year (maybe 25 years ago) when there was a fluke freeze, with cold weather in later May (around the 25th?). That year, the flies had hatched in the lower elevations and southern areas, but not yet in the northern and higher areas. And during June, it was noticeable how few flies were around the lower and southern areas.


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                  Freeze coming again Saturday night, so there's hope. Mosquitos definitely out already; some smaller critters, too, but can't say I have seen blackflies yet.

                  One can only hope, but my guess is they will be out in force once things heat up.


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                    The flies will be numerous this year as will be the ticks. No getting around it IMO.


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                      Ticks are already out in full force in a number of areas from various posts that I've seen.

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                    The fine spring weather continues! 33F and snowing hard at my house this morning at 1800' in Keene. Accumulated about an inch on decks and roofs; ground is warm, so no accumulation on the ground or the roads. Where is Summer?