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Redfield and Cliff from UW (2/9)

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  • Redfield and Cliff from UW (2/9)

    Some of this will not be relevant after tomorrow but some will.

    The trail from UW to Flowed Lands was well packed by day's end. The Calamity crossing was solid.

    Flowed Lands was solid. However, we encountered two hikers who fell through the ice on the Opalescent not too far northeast of Flowed Lands. So we crossed the river near FL and hugged the east shore until we passed the lean-to and hit the trail heading up the Opalescent toward UH Lean-to. We stayed on the S side (the river was not crossable), passed the intersection with the suspension bridge and continued on.

    Redfield was easy. An inch or two of fresh snow covered the old, firm track. We got off the track near the top but the crust was very supportive.

    Cliff was fine except for some icy spots in the steep sections. It required some care getting up and down through those sections. Fresh snow will help.

    Certain water crossings may remain a challenge in places for a while.