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Allen attempt - 2018-11-17

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  • Allen attempt - 2018-11-17

    A lot of snow... spent 5 hours breaking the trail out to Skylight brook. Spent 2 hours climbing 1/3 of the mountain from there. Gave up at that point... the final 400m to the summit has lots of snow for the taking! On my way back I met a group of 5 at Twin Brook who had followed my tracks and then turned back at some point. The trail is well packed down to Skylight brook now, though I left a few deviations into the woods where I lost the path between the low pass and descent to the brook.

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    When in doubt, turnabout!
    Leave No Trace!


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      Think of it this way: you built a lot of character and had a great day in the beautiful mountains.


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        With all this new snow, that is a TOUGH day solo! The fact that a larger group poaching your tracks turned around well before you did, I'm sure tells you that you were in full beast mode!


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          Agree with Gebby. Big day for you. Any estimate of snow depth?

          So, did the 5 pass you on the way out?

          If yes, did they say why they turned around? \

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            Snow depth was about 30cm at the parking lot. It was probably twice that where I turned around. The real issue was the snow was wet, sticky, and heavy. The lack of any base meant that all rocks, roots, water, and mud is lurking underneath that snow. I cannot count the number of times I had to kick a tree to knock the slop off the snowshoes... the trees usually fought back by dumping a snow bomb on my head!

            The other group turned around for the same reason I did. Tough conditions. Even following my single snowshoe track they still had to break trail by rotating leads for five hours. I was sure glad they showed up though, as it made my walk out much easier.


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              OK, thanks. Wet snow and big amounts. I know what big amounts will do. Wet makes it all the more difficult.

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            Originally posted by JoeCedar View Post
            Think of it this way: you built a lot of character and had a great day in the beautiful mountains.

            ...And got a lot of exercise. Even on a day where you don't reach the summit, there are tremendous health benefits from the hard workout you completed in addition to what Joe said!


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              I was out on that trail with my wife and her brother 11/23 and were surprised to see that we were the first ones to sign in since mbowler. We weren't planning to do the mountain, just hike in a bit and out. The trail was snowed in but not deep enough to call what we were doing "trail breaking". More like trail packing.
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