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  • Giant/RPR from Chapel Pond

    Snow lightly fell today 11/28, which was better than the predicted rain. Microspikes form the start and they stayed on all day. No hard ice forming yet and no real depth yet to the snow. Looked like maybe three or four inches total on the trail since snow started falling, though hikers may have been moving it out of the way in their travels, as it did look a bit deeper in the woods. Very surprised at the half dozen or so people coming up without traction and in just boots or even trail runners. We encouraged people to turn around(without success) and praised a group of three who did make the decision to turn around before the Nubble. One duo said they were surprised there was snow! :( As we came back down, it was warmer and becoming slushy down low.

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    Trails melt snow because they don't have the insulation value of leaves. The warm ground, with no leaves between the snow and the ground, melts the snow, so that could also be why it looked deeper off the trail.
    I might be kidding...


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      A group of five and one dog climbed Giant on Dec 4 th (2018). We met at least two other groups. A nice hard packed trail that was perfect for microspikes. However the trail over to Rocky Peak Ridge was not yet broken out, so snow shoes might be advisable for anyone attempting the extra peak.