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Santanoni Range 10/20/18

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  • Santanoni Range 10/20/18

    The Bradley Pond trail from the road is in decent shape with a lot of leaf coverage mixed in with a few muddy/wet spots; nothing crazy. The trail from the Santanoni Express cairn through and up Panther Brook is sloppy and wet. The trail stemming from Herald Square to Panther is pretty muddy, as well as the tail to Times Square. The trail to Couch wasn't terrible, but saturated & swampy in a few spots. Couchsacraga's bog wasn't as bad as I was expecting, however it's not an easy cross and has pooled over the walk-logs with thick, deep mud. The trail from Times Square to Santanoni was horrendously muddy and wet with a decent amount of ice on open rocks as of 10/20. The Santanoni Express was very steep, wet and filthy. Couch and Santanoni were 41 & 42 for me.