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  • Looking for Trail Conditions

    I'm thinking about tagging Allen, Marshall, or Seymour this Saturday and I'm basing my decision on what trails are in the worst shape. I haven't been up Allen or Seymour in a couple of years, and Marshall only when there's snow on the ground.

    Any recent data is appreciated.
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.

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    I was on Seymour, Allen, and Marshall in August. Conditions were pretty good for an approach at the low elevations. It's been very dry and even though we expected rain to change this it seems to stay dry.

    Seymour. Has one very muddy spot down low where several trees fell over the path a couple years ago but it seems the masses have found a path around.
    Allen. I went the new reported earlier on the forum way and liked it.
    Marshall. The muddy section above the beaver pond or wetland is getting much worse. I slipped off a branch trying to traverse. Normally I go up the brook as much as possible but some spots were pretty slippery with algae.



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      Awesome info, Don. Thank you.
      My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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        Looking forward to a trail report! Those are in my future, and some of the toughest I have left.


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          I just did Emmons/Donaldson/Seward today (TR to come). I didn't do Seymour, but I talked to a fellow on the trail that said that Seymour conditions were comparable to Seward. The north side of Seward was a bog in many spots. At one point, I thought I was in quick sand. Went in over my knees and had to pull myself out by a root that was luckily nearby.


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            Yeah that route is a disaster. If Seymour even remotely resembles it then I'll wait until the snow flies to tag that one again.