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  • Bennies/LWJ/WJBrook

    Bennies (not technically a trail, I know): easy peasy, just some wet seeps on some of the steeper parts. Can bail out to right side vegetation in a few spots. Super fun. A little squirrelly at the top where there is a lot of sand- beware of letting material loose on trailing climbers.
    Range trail to LWJ: slimy
    Range Trail to WJ Notch: slimier
    WJ Brook to bridge: delightful. Love the slide crossings

    Trail junction in WJ Notch is pretty confusing if not familiar with it. Head through the bog until you hit where WJ Brook trail bears off to right. There are a few other wormholes that confused one guy we saw in there, as he looped around 2x before I pointed him in the UWJ direction.

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    If someone does not use a map, just follows signs, AND thinks that junction is a simple crossroads, they're in for a surprise!

    Even the people who do use (paper) maps may be misled. Many paper maps are printed in 1:62500 scale and that's a bit too coarse to reveal all the nuances of the TWO junctions directly in Wolf Jaw Notch and another two nearby.

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks. The confusion was at what you have labelled as the righthand signpost at WJ/Range/White/Cutoff, facing south. There is a herdpath that leads straight ahead (south), toward the notch symbol. It wraps around to roughly the junction to the west. The guy was looking at his phone, oblivious to what the topography showed him (up is up, down is down). Really scary how unprepared to navigate some people can be.