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    Brian and I set off with four mountains in mind and loaded in the GPS-that were located just off rte 30 between Tupper Lake and Long Lake. Over cast day here at home, but a totally different day over there, started with light snow and ended the day with a near blizzard.

    Our first peak was Litchfield Hill located behind the Lumberjack Springs. Very straight forward .6 miles from the parking spot to the summit. The woods were very open and the climb was moderate to the base of the massive cliffs. From there we skirted them to the left and slipped and slid our way to the top. The views are awesome 180 degree from the open rocky summit. 1 hour and 15 minutes up and back to the car-that includes a little hot chocolate on the summit.

    Our second stop was just up the road, and Coney Mountain was the object. There is a snowplow turn around on the right and the trail is just accross the road. It's actually a county property line heavily marked in orange blaze on every third tree. About half way in the county line will go straight and a trail to the summit will head a little more left. Again very slippery on the steep sections, but not enough coverage for crampons, Yak Trax would have been nice. I spent a couple surprising moments on my hind end on the way out. The summit is a sweet 360 degree view open rocky top. Anyone who has ever been there (my second time) knows it's a gem. On the top I swear we were in a blizzard on the top of a high peak. We looked like frosty by the time we got back into the trees. View were short because of the snow, but you know they're there.

    Now back to the jeep and off to check out an approach to Buck Mountain. Buck is located between rte 30 and the Sabattis Road. We couldn't find a spot to climb this one, it was covered in posted property signs and hunters. I'll have to work on getting permission for this one. I think I know a member of the hunting club.

    Our forth peak we had in our sights was Cat Mountain also located off rte 30 and the Sabattis Road. Wasn't much to see, but an over logged ridge with no views. But the snow made it worth it. Damn there was alot of snow, most I've seen in one spot so far this year. Really quick climb but a hassle to walk through.

    Well that was our day. Three out of four ain't bad.
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    "Woods are not like other spaces.Their trees surround you, loom over you, press in from all sides.Woods choke off views and leave you muddled and without bearings.They make you feel small a confused and vulnerable.Stand in a desert or prairie and you know you are in a big place.Stand in a woods and you only sense it.They are a vast, featureless nowhere.And they are alive."Bill Bryson"