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Mountain hopping in Schroon Lake-Sorta

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  • Mountain hopping in Schroon Lake-Sorta

    Well the plan for Brian and I was get a small peak in one spot-then drive to the base of two other and get those-then drive to a third spot and get a forth peak. We got one.

    We looked at the Schroon Lake Quad and pick four obscure pekas to bushwhack-not knowing the posted situation or the hunting possiblities first. The first peak was Poplar Hill. The plan was to approach it via a snowmobile trail from the south. We got there and it was heavily posted and right next to a house.

    We turned around and looked for our other two peaks-Allard Hill and Hardhack Hill. We got there and what do you know-posted. Not heavily. But it is hunting season, and I wasn't in the mood to get caught. We'll search out permission for those later-or a different approach.

    Here we sit now looking at a map print out from the computer-thinking this has been one loust days outing. Then it occured to us to try Poplar again from the North off from Horseshoe Pond Road. I'll be damned if most of the road not posted. Not sure if it was state land or not-but it wasn't marked as private either. So from the East shore of Horse Shoe Pond headed toward Poplar. The woods were very open-we even found a handy dandy old logging road for a short shot. The top was lightly wooded, but with no leaves the views were quite nice. We did see a hunting camp near the summit-we didn't approach it, just steered clear. Not sure if it's a legal camp or maybe we were on private land. So we touched the top and hightailed it back down to the car.

    Once there we decided to maybe go for Beech Hill. We were going to approach it from the North via another snowmobile trail. Again posted by some snowmobile club. We were pretty confident we wouldn't see any snowmobiles-but again it was hunting season and a weekend. We passed.

    We got out old Mr. Map and decided to try this one from Horseshoe Pond Road as well. It was unposted and there are no houses over most of it. We found a great place to park and headed toward the summit. About .25 miles in we noticed a house to our left so we made a dog leg right to avoid it. then in another .25 miles we came dead on to a hunters camp. Didn't look used to much but we were still .75 miles from the summit-in open woods. We didn't want to end up with our heads on some hunters den wall. i can here the stories now, " Yah Dave, I got that one from my camp window. Never seen one before I guess it's a bushwhacker; must be a dieing breed." So we turned around and called it a day.

    Not much to report as far as peaks bagged-but at least we got one.
    "Woods are not like other spaces.Their trees surround you, loom over you, press in from all sides.Woods choke off views and leave you muddled and without bearings.They make you feel small a confused and vulnerable.Stand in a desert or prairie and you know you are in a big place.Stand in a woods and you only sense it.They are a vast, featureless nowhere.And they are alive."Bill Bryson"