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News Flash: ADK46 Speed Record Bettered

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  • News Flash: ADK46 Speed Record Bettered

    On Friday June 27 at 9:46pm Jan Wellford of Keene Valley - not to mention one of the ADKHighPeaks family - claimed the ADK 46 speed record which has stood since 2002.

    Jan started his hike - and the clock - at the Cory's trailhead on Tuesday June 24 at 4:32am. He returned to the Cory's trailhead exactly 7 hours later with his first four peaks. And he didn't slow down for another 3 days and 10 hours when he set foot on the summit of Dix Mtn, stopping the clock at 3 days, 17 hours, and 14 minutes - bettering the previous record by exactly 1 hour.

    We at ADKHighPeaks are honored to have such an amazing athelete and fine young man on our team. Let's all offer Jan our congratulations.

    Photos from the "Jander Wander", the name given to Jan's hike by his team.

    Spreadsheet showing route info, times, distances, elevation change, pace, etc.
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    Amazing fete! Congrats!!
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      Jan is the man and an incredible athlete. What a great accomplishment for him and his whole team. The record is home where it belongs

      Congrats from all of us.
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        This just blows me away. What an incredible athletic and hiking feat.

        Most of us are whacked if we hike all 5 Dixes in a day. We limp the final mile to the parking area and go home with some Vitamin Ibu and spend 2 or 3 days recovering.

        The concept of climbing all 46 in less than 3½ days is totally beyond anything I could ever comprehend for myself.

        This is the time that the most overused and abused word in the English language really, really fits:

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          I had a great time pushing my limits in the best mountains in the world! I couldn't have done it without everyone who helped with the event:

          Adam Crofoot, Julia Gronski, Drew Haas, Jeremy Haas, Rik Jordan, Gary Koch, Steve & Yarrow Pasche, Eric Sicard, Jeremiah Reiner and Stephen Mergenthaler hiked with me and supplied me with gear, food and water along the way.

          Jenny Mugrace and Julia Gronski carried in a ton of supplies, set up a camp site at Slide Brook and took care of me when I got there in the middle of the night.

          Christine & Alex Bourjade and Gary Koch made sure the trails were in good shape for me, allowed me to access the Allen shortcut and met me on my way down from Dix for moral support.

          Tom Haskins inspired me to try for the record, and met me along the way for moral support and encouragement. Neil Luckhurst and Tim DuBois provided a forum for me to meet hiking partners and plan the route.

          Cory Delavalle was Super Pacer, hiking more than 60 miles over two days, carrying food and water, and keeping me moving along quickly by setting the perfect pace. Cory, I'm all yours when you need support for whatever big adventure you decide on next.

          Other people who were instrumental to my success even though they weren't present for the actual event include Ed Palen, Laurie and George Daniels, Bede Wellford, Vinny McClelland and Ted Keizer (Cave Dog).

          Finally, Meg Wellford was driver, cook, chief support crew, and all-around amazing wife! Meg got less sleep than I did and had to deal with multiple plan changes and the logistics of getting everybody on the same page while I was out having fun. She also met me on Dix for a summit hug and nursed me back to health on the two nights I spent at home during the event as well as the worst night of all, the one after I finished.
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            Wow! Simply amazing! Congrats!
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              Awesome job and congratulations
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                WOW!!!! it is incredible, congratulation for that great accomplishment.
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                  Congrats Jan. That is one amazing accomplishment
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                    It's impressive. I'd be interested in seeing the itinerary, transportation, and support plans, and how that all worked out. And when Jan wakes up, I hope there is a trip report.
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                      Congrats Jan, you da man!

                      All I can say is Wow!
                      Superfeat! Without even considering all the mud he has ro run into considering the rain we've had the past week! Great Job!



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                        Whoa Now that's scarry--It takes me that long to tie my boots


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                          WOW, great accomplishment, congratulations!!! Would love to hear your story of the event and reflections.
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                            Completely mind boggling. Way to go
                            I can only imagine the mental place you had lived for those three days.
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                              I hope that is always the record.

                              Way to go !
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