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RPR 10-1 A dream day.

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  • RPR 10-1 A dream day.

    It certainly dosn't get any better than this. A stunningly beautiful hike and summit, as fine a day as they come, (most of) my family present and wonderful friends and wellwishers along the trail and on the summit.

    I was actually excited the night before just like the night before Christmas when I was a kid. At the TH I was nervous and in spite of doing my best to be organized I forgot to put the batteries in my camera! No biggie, I always have lithiums in my pack.

    Tom Rankin had checked the register and mentioned that JimB was on the trail. Jim is particularly signifigant because when we met he and his son Jason were in their 40's and Dom and I were in our early teens. Plus, we met at 3am at the Bradley Pond LT in what was our first taste of a more hardcore ADK experience. I knew Jim had come just for our 46th and that heightened my anticipation a notch. (He had brought his daughter on her very first 46er peak and so the wheel keeps turning...).

    The hike up was in Masshysteria sr. and jr.'s company, then Tom R and his hiking partners' company. We caught up with Dick and Joanne and met up with Mark and Kelly en route. I was feeling festiver and festiver as we toodled along. The views along the mostly open hike were paradisiac (that's french for paradise-like). The Dix range dominates the landscape and one,s perspective gradually changes.

    I hung out alone for a while on the plateau below the summit blowing tunes on my flute when Dominic called down to get my butt in gear so we could summit together so up I went, starting to feel my quads and calves. As we topped out there was a crowd clapping and taking pictures and then...we were 46ers! I was very moved by the sincerity of the congratulations, the deep eye contact, the hugs and the handshakes. Pin-Pin was sitting alone off to one side and he gave me a quick wink and a thumb's up as if to say, hey guy, bask in your glory, we'll talk later.

    The view was breathtaking, people kept arriving, Sylvie and Daniel arrived with a special gift of new BD hiking poles for Dom and a bottle of champagne for me. I felt like I was at a reception. And what a view! Somebody called me up from Jay Mtn. on Tom Rankin's radio to wish me well but I never caught his name. Mick Jagger and David Bowie never made it but I had the people who really count with me.

    Eventually, those of us who remained realized we weren't going to be airlifted off the summit (or it wouldn't count) and all 16 of us descended to the col. A last minute group bushwhack got organized and I recalled posting somewhere about not wanting to feel responsable for bushwhacking with a large group, including people who had never bushwhacked previously. Besides, Daniel, Dom and his buddies had zero interest in prolonging the hike so we ascended Giant's flank then hiked down to the car.

    Then we proceeded to wait and watch as darkness rapidly fell. We waited some more and began to hypothesize as to what the hell was going on. Eventually it was pitch dark so I went to the NM Diner and phoned poor Mrs. Totdt to say we would be late as my friends and my wife were still on the mountain. Her displeasure crackled down the phone line but at the time I had other concerns.
    Back at the TH we were running through the different possibilities and discussed procedure should they not exit at all when we saw Matt and young Tom. What a relief! I was so worried. I went to the TH and the first thing FunkFreddy says to me is, "It' not my fault!"

    Anyway we (Dick, Joanne, Matt. FF, MassH and son, Dynotrick and spouse plus my gang went back to the Ark Trail at 8:30 (where a liquid gift from HarryK and a note from Rico awaited) and had a very nice meal.

    Everybody was worn out from their day so we all went to bed, or drove home, at a very respectable hour.

    Thank you everyone for being a part of a day I will NEVER forget. True, I have finally finished the 46, but as you all know, "It's only the beginning".

    Note: please send me some of your pics. I'll post a bunch in a day or 2.
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    Congratulation (for the 3 times) Neil for your 46, it was a wonderful day. You pick the best day to do that last hike to get your 46er patch.
    It was verry important for me to be there to congratulate you and Dominic. But the most important it was to meet you after several years without meeting you. I would like to stay at the top and meet other members of the forum and speak to you more, but i have to go back home that night.
    One day i will make my 46 to, RPR was my #20

    Bravo Neil et encore une fois félicitation, tu est vraiment sympatique et je suis vraiment contant d'avoir fait ta connaissance et j'espère te rencontrer à nouveau dans le futur.
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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      Congratulations Neil.
      I was thinking of you as I strolled on the Lake Road past the golf course and had a good view of Giant/Rocky Peak Ridge.


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        Congratulations Neil. It sounds like your day was very special and memorable.


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          Congratulations Neal and Dom on your 46th. I was thinking about what a great time you guys must be having . The weather couldn't have been better.
          Wish I could have been there. Next Time!
          Map and compass man!


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            A big congratulations to you and Dominic! What a wonderful day and warm company you had for your 46th. Now which one will you reclimb first?
            Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
            It's about learning to dance in the rain.


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              1st FFFS?

              Congratulations Neil and company!

              What a fine peak to finish on.

              Would this be the first Fully Fluted Forty Six?



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                Once again congrats to Neil and Dom! It was great to be on the summit when you got there. Hearing the flute sounds float up from below announcing the arrival of new 46ers was fantastic. Nice to meet so many forum members on top such Pin Pin, Antlerpeak, Masshysteria (and his son MiniMass), Matt, Freddy, Dynotrick, and others that I'm either forgetting or didn't get to talk to. Also very nice to meet Sylvie (Neils wife) who, during the bushwhack, remained positive and helpful to others along the way. The bushwhack part of the hike got interesting to say the least. 11 people are tough to keep together and our progress was very slow. Thanks Freddy for keeping it fun and MiniMass for keeping us going. I started to think we were cursed when headlamps began to die! Sorry to Neil for keeping everyone waiting and worrying.
                This post is for entertainment purposes only.


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                  MiniMass, I like it Rik!!

                  What a whack that was? You couldn't ask for a more diverse, yet fun group of people to scramble through the woods with at 8:30 at night. I personally have to thank Rik, for turning Minimass into a bushwacker, he absolutely loved that! Thanks also for the ride back to New Russia.And you are so right, Silvie was ALWAYS the positive one, even when things got a little dicey. Thanks also to Matt for keeping an eye on Tom at the trailhead until I could get there. That Funky Freddy was a gas! Man, you where a long way from Queens that night, my friend! Thanks for the light on the descent! The joy of meeting Dyno and Oxsana (sp?), Rik and Charlene, and re-meeting Dick and Joanne made for a memorable day and night.

                  What were we doing on that mountain anyway? Hmm, oh yeah, that guy with the flute and the Canadian accent. AYE. Neil, that was a great time! Listening to you work the echos off the cliffs on Bald Peak with that flute was astonishing. I wish I could have actually seen you and Dom gain the summit, but I wasn't about to try to keep up with those thoroughbreds. What a thrill it was to meet Pin Pin! An incredible man! Then there was the infamous Tom Rankin and his crew.

                  You have a wonderful family, and it was a pleasure to share dinner at Frau. Todts with the gang. When you author a slide climbing book, you'll have to have a book signing party at the Ark.

                  Thanks for making that a memorable day for myself and 'minimass', and it was a pleasure to finally meet you. The down side to the whole day was that the plans for world domination fell through, one of the co-conspirators was hesitant to greet the Mother Ship from the top of Couch!
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                    BTW, Neil. Know what we were doing while you were on your way up RPR? We were re-locating a privy near the Bouquet Lean-to. When we lifted the thing off its location, the pile was about 2 feet high.

                    My question to you: At around 10:45 AM, did you get a really foul smell blowing by?
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                      Originally posted by pete_hickey
                      When we lifted the thing off its location, the pile was about 2 feet high.
                      So, did you then dig a CAT HOLE 6 inches deep and 250 feet from a water source? Or did you carry the whole stinking mess up above tree line and practice the SMEAR TECHNIQUE?
                      In case you were wondering, while you were busy with that job I was sipping Champagne and chewing the fat with Rik, Alain, FunkyFreddy the Toms, Dick and company.
                      I promise, as soon as I finish with my NEXT LIST I'm gonna bust my ass on the trail crew detail. I promise.


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                        Lists, schmists. Now come on Neil, Pete's already talked me into one next summer. He's cooking Thai! How could I resist? But after his last description I think the only thing I'll be ingesting is Pepto Bismol.
                        Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
                        It's about learning to dance in the rain.


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                          Sounds like a great day. Congrats and welcome to the gang!

                          Hike on.....
                          Walk Softly


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                            Congrats to you and Dom on you well earned 46er status. We are sorry we were not able to make it for the hike or festivities, however we do look forward to our next hike together.

                            Nice job, Now you can never leave............ The Adirondacks are forever in your soul.

                            Okay, WHO's NEXT, and who's taking bets as to which will be Neil's HH "finish peak" (and when).
                            "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb


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                              for sure - wonderful finish!!

                              I like Bruce's attitude: Hike ON!! Let's HH

                              Tim, probably me "next" but I'm bucking at the rain and 28 - 30 degree weather. Stay tuned... it may happen on Saturday on Marshall

                              Then again...
                              If the world were a logical place, men would be the ones who ride sidesaddle.