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Big Slide Loop 9/29/22

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  • Big Slide Loop 9/29/22

    I foolishly neglected to put in for any vacation time over the Summer. But, was not going to let the good weather that is left go to waste. I Put in for the latter half of this week & first half of next off. I concocted a neat backpacking plan and was looking forward to it. Some things came up and I had to put that on hold. So, instead I opted for a day hike of Big Slide.

    Big Slide was an early peak in Pokey's & my journey to becoming a 46er. And, it has been one that I've wanted to return to since we hiked it.

    I had been keeping my eye on the weather and summit forecast. And, that actually influenced me to not start hiking until 9;30-10AM. Anytime prior to that, it was forecasted to be upper 30s-low 40s. Look, it was just Summer a week ago. I'm not ready to jump into Winter just yet!

    10AM at least showed 53*.

    I arrived at the Garden and departed at 10AM. With my fleece and a light pair of gloves on. The gloves only lasted a few minutes. As the Brothers trail gains elevation right out of the box.
    I ended up on a herd path which links back up with the main trail en route to the first lookout. The path sidetracks one quite a bit. I have no clue why it exists. To avoid a small slab?

    I took a 10-20 minute break at the first lookout. There was an area near Giant's summit that looked either frozen over or "snowcapped." It let off a plume of steam throughout the morning.

    Following the ridge along the first two Brothers offers some incredible views.

    I also had two fun Wildlife interactions."
    I saw a marten scurry off.

    And, I saw a red squirrel rip a bunch of White Birch bark off an otherwise healthy tree.

    "Hey, you're not supposed to do that!" I said.

    With a full mouthful of birch, he shook his head back to me.

    I remember the scrambles on the way to Big Slide. But, I forgot that there's so many of them, they're so fun and they have a nice challenge level to them. For one of the "easier" High Peaks... Big Slide packs pretty much everything in there.

    Including... Water... Lots of water on this excursion. From the Second Brother to the trail junction just below Big Slide's summit was a stream. A venerable stream.
    It has rained a lot over the past two weeks. I gooked my way through it. Arriving at the junction .3 of a mile below the summit, I opted to take another break. I looked down the Slide Brook Trail and decided that I would be going down this trail again rather than going through the river and the woods over the Brothers.

    "Even if my feet get destroyed by water, once I get on the Phelps Trail, it's an easy 3 miles out. I have extra socks..."

    I banged up my right knee a little bit on the ladders. Then, arrived at small scramble. I heard some voices above me and assumed they were coming down... as everyone was that I heard in advance.

    I waited a few minutes. "Alright, I'm not waiting any longer."

    I hopped up the scramble and then passed two ladies just before the summit.

    They were just being slow and talking... not coming down...

    I hit the summit and immediately took off my fleece. The sun's gleam felt great.

    So great, that I spent two full hours at the summit.

    I watched the last of the summit clouds blow off Marcy, Algonquin, Haystack, Basin, Giant and Gothics.

    I gotta give myself a little credit. I kept my eye on the summit reports.

    Over two hours at the summit offered me a decent amount of alone time and plenty of chat moments.

    No rush... What more can you ask for?

    Big Slide is a Bang for the Buck High Peak.

    I also banged my right knee up climbing down the ladders. I actually didn't use them much of the way down. But, when I did... My right knee ate it.

    For around 20 minutes, it was a slippery wet descent on the Slide Brook trail. Watching every step.

    Then suddenly, the water left the trail and it became just a nice hike.

    I somehow passed the two girls again and pointed them in the right direction.

    One remarked at the (slow) speed of her partner.

    "Never judge what you can do based off what a complete stranger does," I said.

    I hiked the High Peaks with a kid. I marvel at what some of you on here can accomplish in a day. Pokey and I did it in our way. I respect it all. It can be done.

    I set my gears to crank once back on the Phelps Trail to the Garden.

    3 miles.

    I wanted to get it done within an hour. A tall and mighty order. But, it seemed obtainable.

    I cranked as cranked can be at the utmost crank.

    I felt great.

    I passed a lady (just before the mile mark) back to the Garden. She had a blank canvas in tow. She had hiked in to late to paint a picture of Bushnell Falls and turned around.

    I continued charging.

    But, the lady kept up with me... Telling all sorts of stories.

    How did I pass her so quickly? How did she keep up?!?

    As I walked the last 2\10 a mile to the Garden. It hit me.
    She wanted a ride back to her car.

    Which I did oblige. But, ya can ask me for a ride straight up rather than riding my coat tails lol.

    I spent 2 hours at the summit tho... don't tell me I didn't need it.
    I did.

    Oh, and BTW. JBV is about to pop with color! Get it!

    Edit: in case you're wondering how long it took me to knock out the last 3 miles... 65 minutes. Just missed the "goal." No headlamp needed though.

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    Thanks for the report, I have a soft spot for Big Slide as this is the hike that rekindled my taste for Adk adventures. I'm headed for the AMR this Sunday (planning on Colvin and Blake). Hopefully it will be a little less wet with no further rain in the forecast. Looks like spikes will not be needed for this one.


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      I don’t remember there being that many scrambles on Big Slide, I remember one that had a partially broken ladder I think it was just below the summit but it was 5 years ago


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        Ho hum. A trip report about a 46er working on another round. What we need on the forum are more heart-warming stories of parents and their kids working on the 46 together. I read about such a father/ daughter duo in the Press-Republican just the other day! That was inspirational. Maybe you could pursue something like that.


        • Learning The Trails
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          I saw that. What a great hiking duo.

          I'm just left with a life of trying to create gimmick hikes now.

        • Makwa
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          I know a guy you could ask for tips on that.

        • Learning The Trails
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          Definitely put me in touch.

          I'm pretty sure that no one at Big Slide yesterday had read the Press Republican article. But, it was interesting because I'd be sitting alone at the top for a few minutes and someone would get there and ask something along the lines of "Do you know which one is Marcy?" I'd show them and then they'd ask me a buncha questions (including directions). Looking back, I might as well have had a summit steward hat .

          (Cowboy hat emoji) (laughing emoji)

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        What a pleasure to read!
        From every mountainside, let freedom ring.