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  • Future 46er #14406

    That number doesn’t really sound so impressive now, does it?

    Regardless,I finished my 46er quest this past Saturday, as planned, with a hike to the summit of the magnificent Haystack on a perfect weather day with 3 friends who have joined for a number of other hikes throughout the quest.

    My first two high peaks were Cascade and Porter (predictably) in May 2016 and I climbed a few others over the following 2-3 years without any real sense that I would try to become a 46er. But at some point in the mid-teens, I decided that I might as well make it a goal. After a torn ACL and recovery from the surgery, in late 2020, I picked up the pace as a man with a mission (nothing like a serious injury when you’re 50 to motivate you) and knocked out 12 peaks in 2021 and the final 16 in the first 8 months of this year.

    I have so many memories of my hikes (the most notable being those I did in winter): two attempts at Marcy via skis in the winter, only to turn back because of white out conditions - and a final attempt in the summer with my wife and daughter; a solo trip to Allen in -6 F temps via skis and snowshoes; Colden in similarly cold weather with 50 mph winds that would easily have blown us off the mountain and down the cliffs into Avalanche Lake were it not for our reliable microspikes; stunning views of Tabletop for my first 46er post-ACL surgery on a bitterly cold bluebird day where white and blue converged to make the scene appear vibrantly unreal; attempting the GRT in early November (the “wrong” way) in below freezing weather after a storm that left trees strewn across trails (damn you, Shorey’s Short Cut!) - downclimbing the Saddleback cliffs and then ascending Basin in the dark with ice in the cracks where there should be handholds was harrowing! And, finally, discovering I had tested positive for Covid when I turned on my phone on the ridge line to Donaldson and then proceeded to finish the Sewards only to crash hard once I returned to the car.

    In any event, throughout these six years - long before I officially joined this forum - I have used this site for so much information in preparation for my hikes. You all have offered beta on the High Peaks that has provided me with the knowledge and corresponding confidence to make my 46er quest a reality.

    So, thank you!


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    Big congrats on the finish!!

    And welcome to the Started-on-Cascade-and-finished-on-Haystack Club! When I finished ten years ago, I was the 127th 46er with that combo so you gotta think the club is close to 250 strong now.


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      Chris, I briefly congratulated you when I passed your group as I was leaving Haystack on Saturday. I enjoyed reading of the trials of your climbs to reach your goal of finishing and gaining your number 14406. Even with so many others having finished, I definitely sense that it you felt the same sense of accomplishment I did when I finished long ago as number 211.