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Sawteeth, Blake, Colvin - 7/23

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  • Sawteeth, Blake, Colvin - 7/23

    I did a loop around Lower Ausable Lake on Friday. There were a few groups gearing up in the parking lot of the AMR, but the Lake Road and trails were very quiet in the morning. Streams are running high with all of the rain we've gotten lately, so there were plenty of waterfalls to stop and enjoy. Throughout the day, I spent time more time stopping at waterfalls and cascades than I did on the summits.

    Artists Falls along Gill Brook

    Cascade Brook above Rainbow Falls

    The Weld Trail heading up to Sawteeth was soft underfoot with a lot of leaf litter that seemingly had washed into the trail recently. There were some muddy spots, but it was generally in good shape. After the summit of Sawteeth, descending the lesser-used trail down the south side to Warden's Camp is always a pleasure. The trail between the lakes is very nice as well, and is pretty different than most trails in the high peaks - it almost looks fake.

    Between Upper and Lower Ausable Lakes near Warden's Camp

    I find that climbing the Elevator Shaft between Blake and Colvin is a little deceptive. There are a bunch of trails in the High Peaks that are steeper, but I guess the name tricks you into thinking it's steeper than it really is. Once I hit the col, I headed up Blake. This trail is the muddiest that I ran into. The trail up the south side of Colvin was better. I didn't hang around long on either summit.

    Looking at Blake and Upper Ausable Lake from the lookout near Colvin

    Not long after I left Colvin's summit it rained for about 20 minutes. The trails down Colvin and along Gill Brook to the Lake Road were in pretty good shape. As I got to the gate it started raining again and continued to the parking lot. Overall, I think the trails are in pretty good shape considering all of the rain that we've had.
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    Planning on doing this very hike in a couple weeks, but clockwise.


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      Wow ! The pics !
      Never thought of that loop. Nice.
      115/115 Yippeeee!


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        I would like to repeat it when god/Biden permits.

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      Will be hiking & boating into one of the camps around Upper Ausible Lake next week--very excited to be able to do so, as this is non-public lands that few get to access. My daughter's long-term boyfriend's family had a 99-year lease to one of the old camps--which was renewed for another 99 years a few years ago. Big extended family take turns staying there and we have opportunity to stay at the Camp during peak of the Perseids meteor shower--now just hoping for a clear night while we are there. Will be a once in a life experience for this 60+ year hiker!


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        Once in a lifetime is right! I'm sure the majority of us on here will never get to experience such a thing. I hope you have a nice trip and clear skies!

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      The visit to the Upper Ausable Lake camp was incredible--my daughter's boyfriend is a descendant of John Case who was one of the founders of the AMC and a close friend of Jim Goodwin—another early high peaks trail pioneer and guide. It was an absolute honor and thrill to stay at his old camp—and we were very lucky to have crystal clear skies at 3am on Fri the 13th and saw LOTS of the Perseids shooting stars from a dock on the Upper Ausable Lake.