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Coney and Goodman 3/27

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  • Coney and Goodman 3/27

    I got a message from my old buddy Don at 9:30 on Friday night asking if I'd like to join him for a hike of Coney Mountain the following morning.

    It's been years since I've seen him and Coney is a favorite. So, last minute plans were made.

    I drove through an "almost" snow squall in the town of Franklin and noticed that it had coated the higher elevations of the Northern ADK with a fresh white highlight.

    I arrived at the trailhead a few minutes before Don and began to get my stuff together. He arrived and did the same. We both noted that the weather was not what was forecasted. It was chillier than expected.

    We immediately began catching up as we set off on the trail. Coney is a nice little ramble and we rambled on about life, hiking, throwbacks with many jokes sprinkled in.

    I intended to hike nearby Goodman Mountain after Coney and began to convince Don that he should do the same.

    He's new to hiking and a trek earlier in the week left him a little rattled. He didn't want to over-do it. I assured him that it was as easy as the trail we were currently walking. He said he'd "think about it."

    It took a half hour to reach Coney's summit. Usually, Coney offers a full 360* vista. But, on this day, low cloud coverage offered us little in terms of views.
    That didn't affect our positive moods.

    We spent a half hour at the top before heading down. By the time we were back at the trailhead, Don had decided that he wanted to climb Goodman as well. But, he requested that we make a stop in town to use a bathroom and grab something to eat. That was fine by me.

    We dropped my car off at the Goodman Trailhead. I rode with him into town. We hit up Stewart's. He ate his sandwich on the ride back to Goodman. I put mine in my backpack.

    Back at the Goodman Trailhead, we noticed a small building and decided to check it out after our hike.

    The approach to Goodman follows and old dilapidated paved forest road which is currently doubling as a stream.

    The trail breaks from the road and climbs the mountain gently. We continued our rambles.
    It's always nice to see a good friend for the first time in years and pick up right where you left off.

    The final stretch to Goodman's summit is pretty relaxed and has some neat rock features.

    We were greeted at the top with slightly warmer weather, less wind and better views than we got at Coney. That said, any peak with any sort of real elevation was obscured in clouds.

    We relaxed and I ate my sandwich. Don was really glad to have made it a two peak day... I knew he would be.

    We spent a half hour on Goodman before descending. It was a pretty quick walk back to the car. Once there, we checked out the small building.
    It was a spring built by Charles Goodman! You better believe I filled my bottle up.

    Don and I chatted for a bit more before heading our separate ways. We hope to meet up and hike again soon. It was a really nice day in the woods and catching up with an old friend is always Good, man.

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    I've been having trouble posting pics here. So, here's a link with a few pics.